Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pillsbury Easy Recipes: Croissants with Nutella (Non Organic)

So let's continue our exploration with the foods; probably this is not a best idea if you are aiming at natural foods but is actually one easy dessert to make as it doesn't require too much preparation. One fantastic thing about the Pillsbury rolls it is that they are malleable and you can adapt them to create something of your own authority.

So what would we need to do this easy recipe?. Simple a jar of Nutella, a roll of croissant from Pillsbury and a cooking surface such as a pizza table that you can place inside the oven. So to start we need to preheat the oven with the directions that are in the cooking roll container, keep the surface that we are going to place inside the oven outside so you can put the uncooked croissants before doing something else. The next it's the simple one. Open the croissant containers, spread open the little sheets and with a knife spread the Nutella evenly in the middle and close the wrap so it can take the form of the croissant. When you finished with the rolling and preparation place it in the oven, it usually take about 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the power of the oven and when you take the croissants out of the oven just let them breath for about 20 minutes before any consumption.

I hope you enjoy.

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