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A Supermarket Survival Guide of A Single Guy: Talking About Cheeses

Dairy Aisle, Photo by Tinytopia
So, let's talk clear, going shopping for groceries can be a pain in the buttocks, cooking can be another topic especially since if you know about high caloric dishes such as the ones related to Southern Cooking and Soul Food; we don't need to satisfy our hunger through calories but rather eating smart and thinking what are you going to buy, it's something you are going to eat and eventually it is going to be an item which is going to cause an impact on your organism.

So on this first journey on the intrinsic world of groceries, let's go to Aisle One; the dairy aisle. On aisle one you will mostly find the dairies (I know on your supermarket could be difference but in my regular one, is on aisle one), dairy products are composed of cheese, yogurt, pudding, desserts, dessert toppings, egg products, milk, milk swaps, creamers, sour cream and butter.

These are all products you buy at least once a week, some of them probably more because of your tastes but let's take a small review on what you can find on the dairy aisle.


Shredded  Cheeses (Fat Free)

What about cheeses?, they are amazing, tasty and they can add an extra spark to a sandwich or a sub; but also there is a different slang with the world of cheeses as well several other dairy products. Fat free cheeses, are quite interesting yet in terms of flavor they are not exciting and they barely melt if you are trying to do a fondue or a sandwich; but don't get me wrong, fat free cheeses can be amazing to snack or if you want to top an already high caloric dishes.

When you are thinking about the dishes, any brand of 2% milk Mexican blend it can be amazing because it will give a really unique flavor to what you are making i.e. Lasagnas, souffles, even sandwich.

Fat Free Slices:

Unlike no-fat shreds, the fat free slices they melt well, and they are perfect for burgers and open faced sandwich melts. The reduced slices are better for snacking as well in terms of flavors are quite good if you are in the mood of a Swiss sandwich.

Reduced Fat Block-Style Cheeses:

For some weird reason, cheeses that you shred yourself in the comfort of your own kitchen they tend to melt quicker and easy than pre-shredded cheeses. They also amazing for making stove-top cheese sauces with a milk reduction; also the blocks are much of the time cheaper than pre-wrapped individual snacks and they can be great for snacking as they contain less calories than much of the processed snacks, but they can be tricky to keep the portions on check if you have difficulty to control your appetite, which in that case is not money wise to buy a big block if you will eat it in less than a week.

The Fat and Calorie of the Shreds, Slices and Blocks:

This is a small guide inside this guide, to know more about the labels and calories you can find:

Fat Free Cheese
1 Slice = 25 to 30 calories aprox.
1 ounce = 1/4 cup (shreds) = 45 calories
1 ounce in a 1-inch cube / block = 45 calories

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