Friday, July 27, 2012

Organic Mini Sliders with Hawaiian Bread

Hello people, again thank you for reading my website; today we have something really easy to made and it can be done under ten minutes as we are doing an hors d'oeuvre - Mini Sliders with Hawaiian Bread. All the instructions are in the video, it's really easy to make and enjoy.

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Supermarket Survival Guide of A Single Guy: Talking About Cheese Substitutes

Cheese Substitute

OK people let's going to talk a little bit about some vegan alternatives regarding to dairy. Yes, there are some people who are lactose intolerant (you have to live in the moon to ignore this common allergy), I have some friends who are lactose intolerant and my better half has a mild allergy where dairy cause certain inconvenient's. Yes, you are probably thinking that something that is vegan - gluten free - dairy free will taste like an insult but they are actually quite tasteful.

Much of these cheeses are made of soybeans, rice, nutritional yeast and almonds as well other ingredients but basically they have to be dairy free in order to qualify as substitutes but that doesn't mean some of the brands which we are not going to mention because it can take a lot of space and the best advice is to read the components of the substitute cheese in order to find casein.

1) Not all the alternative cheeses are created equal, you have to know that; there is not an exact method to make them and all the companies production vary. The nutritional values are different and if you are on a diet or you are wanting to keep in control your weight turning away unnecessary calories is a good idea to compare and make charts on which one suits your needs.
2) Not all the cheeses are dairy free, some of them contain peptin or similar components that give the flavor. If you have certain allergy it's better you read it before you take the first bite.
3) They aren't usually placed around with other dairy products, much of the supermarkets tend to place them around the produce section, opposite to the soy milk or almond milk which they tend to be placed by commodity on the dairy section.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Are Plastic Bags OK Ma'am?

Is plastic OK ma'am?
So, let's talk about environmentalism for a moment and of a never ending question that you can find in many supermarkets across the USA, EU and Oceania, the eternal question "Are plastic bags OK Ma'am?" then, if you are quite an uneducated and rude individual who berates and take anything personal you will get offended by the clerk question and you will try to give to him or her an ecological debate on why paper it's better.

Wrong, paper it's not ecological friendly and can barely be reused and twice wrong if you dare to say that plastic bags come from rubber or aka plastic trees, so let's start from the very beginning and you want to start saving the planet one step at time, so my best advice if you want to start saving the planet it is abstain from having sex or just ignore the use of prophylactics, avoid using paper bags and user plastic bags because you can reuse them a great amount of time before they get unusable. You are wondering why I said all of these statements?.

Let's start from the very beginning, plastic bags and condom have one thing in common, both items are fabricated in their majority with derivatives of petroleum. Ethylene and Polyethylene. Let's talk first about the plastic bags, the big pain for people who are just really plain ignorant and lazy into not researching the basic components of these bags. While it's true that plastic bags it's composed ethylene monomeners, recently they also being produced by biodegradable oils or bioplastics  simple materials that when decompose they won't cause a big harm to the environment by the accumulation of toxins and gasses. Almost the same component of the condoms, yet both are really necessary evils, why.? Because of venereal diseases and to carry your groceries, so what would you do.? Fornicate and avoid an STD or an unplanned pregnancy or have a container that can carry your groceries if you don't want to invest in re-usable bags or you feel paper it's more eco-friendly?

Think twice, and now let's talk about condoms, condoms as we said before they are also produced by a spin-off of petroleum in their vast majority, I dare to check the components next time you go ashamed or happily to the supermarket but that's true, and if we want to play with the six degrees game we can even talk about the origins in the Goodyear Corporation when Charles Goodyear discovered a way to process rubber. So you see how interesting this is.? Plastic bags from your local supermarket have a relation with the tires of your car as well what you put around your wee-wee so if you want really to save the environment don't buy plastic that you can't reuse, don't buy paper, just find an alternative to reuse your reusable bags or reuse plastic ones because by buying paper or rubbers you are hurting the planet but in the meantime if you don't want to buy the rubbers you can get a really nasty STD or you can save a rubber tree?.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Back to School Sales - Don't Miss Them, What is Good for Your Kids

The Fee Hery Theory
( Tampa, Fl) -- It's a little bit early to talk about this topic, - back to school - the dreadful time where parents have to think about buying new items for their children who are going back to re-start their class, but as we said before it's a little bit early on some States where right now kids, teens and college students are enjoying their summer break from any activity.

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the time between June and July that is known as the back-to-school specials; according to the RadioShack Corp, Vice-President of Marketing Paul Okimoto it's their number 3 seasonal occasion where they get a boost on sales, so we can make a small inference that many parents and smart-savvy people are looking at the different sales of a variety of many items where can be get on a really low price much as Cyber Monday and Black Friday prices.

The problem with the early push of the Fall sales relies on the problematic economy that has affected many people from the middle-class around the country and by default affecting the different retail markets. On Thursday, retailers will release their June sales figures for stores open more than a year. The 20 retailers that report are expected by Thomson-Reuters to show 1.2% growth, hurt by strong comparisons from last year and signs of economic duress. (Wall Street Journal, 07/02/12 - Marketplace - Corporate News). But it is too early for showing the Fall sales?. It is a little bit early, many people are trying to enjoy their Summer with their savings and with the family vacations they planned, it can be overwhelming by some families but looking from the business perspective, the different companies are trying to conquer the markets the economy fragmented during the last 4 years.

Summer sales are going to be everywhere, Macy's is already showing the Fall line and products as Levis are going off during the next few weeks with the sale prices around a 40%. Target had a 70% sleeveless shirts and shorts as well several items for the back to school during the next couple of weeks, along with the basics such as pens and pencils, consumers electronics that can position the company with the Summer and Fall sales; but the main winner are going to be the electronics aimed toward a generation of college students who are going to be far away from home but not only for college students who use technology for everything,  taking the path of researching on the internet libraries as well using smart-phones to find their way through their new environments thanks to the different applications.

American Eagle Outfitter created a different approach to create fidelity as well to boost their sales for the Summer, they will hold a contest in where the winner will be featured in the company's spring promotional material for 2013. Staples is one of the many companies that is rolling out essential school products through their Back-to-School Saving Pass.