Friday, July 20, 2012

A Supermarket Survival Guide of A Single Guy: Talking About Cheese Substitutes

Cheese Substitute

OK people let's going to talk a little bit about some vegan alternatives regarding to dairy. Yes, there are some people who are lactose intolerant (you have to live in the moon to ignore this common allergy), I have some friends who are lactose intolerant and my better half has a mild allergy where dairy cause certain inconvenient's. Yes, you are probably thinking that something that is vegan - gluten free - dairy free will taste like an insult but they are actually quite tasteful.

Much of these cheeses are made of soybeans, rice, nutritional yeast and almonds as well other ingredients but basically they have to be dairy free in order to qualify as substitutes but that doesn't mean some of the brands which we are not going to mention because it can take a lot of space and the best advice is to read the components of the substitute cheese in order to find casein.

1) Not all the alternative cheeses are created equal, you have to know that; there is not an exact method to make them and all the companies production vary. The nutritional values are different and if you are on a diet or you are wanting to keep in control your weight turning away unnecessary calories is a good idea to compare and make charts on which one suits your needs.
2) Not all the cheeses are dairy free, some of them contain peptin or similar components that give the flavor. If you have certain allergy it's better you read it before you take the first bite.
3) They aren't usually placed around with other dairy products, much of the supermarkets tend to place them around the produce section, opposite to the soy milk or almond milk which they tend to be placed by commodity on the dairy section.

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