Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Are Plastic Bags OK Ma'am?

Is plastic OK ma'am?
So, let's talk about environmentalism for a moment and of a never ending question that you can find in many supermarkets across the USA, EU and Oceania, the eternal question "Are plastic bags OK Ma'am?" then, if you are quite an uneducated and rude individual who berates and take anything personal you will get offended by the clerk question and you will try to give to him or her an ecological debate on why paper it's better.

Wrong, paper it's not ecological friendly and can barely be reused and twice wrong if you dare to say that plastic bags come from rubber or aka plastic trees, so let's start from the very beginning and you want to start saving the planet one step at time, so my best advice if you want to start saving the planet it is abstain from having sex or just ignore the use of prophylactics, avoid using paper bags and user plastic bags because you can reuse them a great amount of time before they get unusable. You are wondering why I said all of these statements?.

Let's start from the very beginning, plastic bags and condom have one thing in common, both items are fabricated in their majority with derivatives of petroleum. Ethylene and Polyethylene. Let's talk first about the plastic bags, the big pain for people who are just really plain ignorant and lazy into not researching the basic components of these bags. While it's true that plastic bags it's composed ethylene monomeners, recently they also being produced by biodegradable oils or bioplastics  simple materials that when decompose they won't cause a big harm to the environment by the accumulation of toxins and gasses. Almost the same component of the condoms, yet both are really necessary evils, why.? Because of venereal diseases and to carry your groceries, so what would you do.? Fornicate and avoid an STD or an unplanned pregnancy or have a container that can carry your groceries if you don't want to invest in re-usable bags or you feel paper it's more eco-friendly?

Think twice, and now let's talk about condoms, condoms as we said before they are also produced by a spin-off of petroleum in their vast majority, I dare to check the components next time you go ashamed or happily to the supermarket but that's true, and if we want to play with the six degrees game we can even talk about the origins in the Goodyear Corporation when Charles Goodyear discovered a way to process rubber. So you see how interesting this is.? Plastic bags from your local supermarket have a relation with the tires of your car as well what you put around your wee-wee so if you want really to save the environment don't buy plastic that you can't reuse, don't buy paper, just find an alternative to reuse your reusable bags or reuse plastic ones because by buying paper or rubbers you are hurting the planet but in the meantime if you don't want to buy the rubbers you can get a really nasty STD or you can save a rubber tree?.

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