Saturday, August 11, 2012

On Breastfeeding

Infant being Fed
Tampa, Fla -- The annual World Breastfeeding Week, and what is always intended to educate women and families that the practice is beneficial for both infant and mother it always sparks controversy form conservative sectors who think that the simple exercise of a woman feeding their child is immoral.

Breastfeeding has been under intense publicity in last few months of 2012, since Elisabeth Badinter book hit the shelves and the debate started again if it's OK that mothers should feed their babies on a comfortable public space.? It's OK but since America is based on a patriarchal model there are people who consider this act just another form of pornography and it is wrong to think that a bond between a mother and a child is lewd while it shows that is beneficial to the child's development.

There are some strange taboos as well behaviors regarding some mothers as they decide to extend the breastfeeding period to an age the child is mature but it can be related to some psychological problems related to the mother. But why such an archaic and a common practice is suddenly a hot topic.? Because people feel uncomfortable due as the stigma of a woman body and as we said before the patriarchal influence where is OK to discriminate women. Last week there were several mass nurse-in to coincide with the World Health Organization designated Breastfeeding Week around Wuhan, China where 30 mothers decided to stage a flashmob to protest about the lack of conditions regarding equality to women so they would have a place to feed their children at peace and also to influence social acceptance regarding that is not wrong to feed your child n public.

The organizer of D.C. nurse-in Rachel Papatonakis organized the event because of different reactions she got about the attitudes of people asking women to button up in public - We've all been told that breastfeeding is the ideal way to feed a child, but still people regard the breast as something purely sexual -. In New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg called on hospitals to promote breastfeeding on newly mothers and to keep formula under lock as it would be treated as medication and only used as an ultimate option because breastfeeding it's healthier for the baby and people should learn how amazing it is instead of sexualizing everything.

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