Saturday, August 4, 2012

Organic Indoor Garden, First Tutorial (Video #1)

Organic Indoor Garden, Tutorial #1
This is a small project I initiated last year but opposite to last year indoor garden I am going to show different stages on how to ensemble one from buying the basics to using recyclable items you can find in your house.

One this very first tutorial we are going to explore what items to buy on a really good price and what kind of soil to use as well seeds and the in the process. As we go on further we are going to explore the deeps of indoor garden and what benefits it creates to your pocket as you can save some extra bucks in spices as well some produces'. If you want to know more about organic garden, this book is really enlighten Burpee By Cutler, Karan Davis/ Cavagnarok, David (PHT)  I hope you enjoy the book and the video.

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