Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Nickname Game

The Nickname Game
Newly parents as well veteran ones always try to chose  a good name for their kids, something meaningful but at the same time when a names comes there is always going to be a nickname from the very beginning. It is probably's a parents thing, my own parents used to give me a few nicknames and I never minded them but there is a point in every child life that will try to distance themselves from their parents and the parents should know when is time to give their children some space in life.

One good thing about nicknames at the moment there are large group of children and also to create a bond between their parents because it create a playfulness interactions with your child.

There is a minor detail with nicknames, the best situation is not to stray away from the original name one example with my own name Gustavo, it can go to Tavo, Gus, Gussy, Gusty, Gus-Gus which is difficult to get away from but so is not the rule to exception because one of my nicknames went to Ta'to, which was difficult to be reminded and raised some doubtful questions by many kids when I was younger, but to other kids having a really sticky nickname could be a major problem as it can follow them all their lives as well a stigma to their parents on the reason why they place that specific nickname to their kid.

There is also another problem, really catchy-cute nicknames as "bear" could look sweet when the kid is younger but once the kids is older, the simple nickname could become a problem by hurting the child self-stem, so think as a parent as if the child ask you to stop calling him or her the nickname in public you should  pay attention on what the child say because the child is trying to create an identity and create a roll among his or her friends, even on an older stage in life when they ask you to stop taking him or her to school or going to the bherus stop, you can listen and give the space but don't feel discouraged because the child may be quite content to hear you continue to use the special nickname.

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