Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Supermarket Survival Guide of A Single Guy: Yogurts


Fat Free and Dessert Yogurt

I know regarding yogurts and men, it is not a winning combination by a general consensus but yogurt can be such a beneficial item for the intestinal flora as well a really good snack after midnight. If you plan to eat a midnight snack, a single serving container around 6oz with 110 calories or less are the best to keep in the fridge and also they make such a great addition to make smoothies and parfaits. The supermarket that I go to buy my dairies, Publix, has an amazing line of the dessert type yogurts with different flavors that range from the tropical flavors of the Caribbean up to Chocolate Mousse; but when you go to the supermarket check the labels because not all the fat-free yogurts are low on calories.

Fat-Free Plain Yogurt

It seems boring but fat-free plain yogurt it is quite versatile at the moment of cooking, it can be use to marinade lean meats and some seasoning as it will make your protein of choice tender and delicious. It is also good in tangy cream sauces, sweet salad dressings, and anywhere else you want to add creamy texture.  Look for yogurts with 110 calories or less per 6 ounces serving in order to make a sweet snack with fruit and sweetener, but my advice is go for the larger tubs as the calories per serving size will go around 130.

Low-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is amazing and the reason on why is amazing it's because it goes under a straining process that makes the yogurt super thick in consistency compared to the regular fat-free yogurt and it has more grams of protein (around 20 grams/cup), fewer carbs, less sodium and less sugar; but, standard yogurt has more calcium, but what is also fantastic.? It can be a substitute for sour cream as well amazing for a dip base. A 6 ounce serving of fat free plain yogurt has about 100 calories which is the same amount of 2%.

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