Friday, October 19, 2012

The Killer with The Friendly Name: Bath Salts

Array of "Bath Salts"
Tampa, Fl -- Every time I read the newspaper, see in the news or read a status from people I know and strangers about the use and experimentation of Methylone and Methiopropamine, chemical terms related to bath salts or synthetic marijuana my heart and soul die a little. This topic is not referenced to organic food or animals but to a problematic that started in Europe and the Middle East and found the way to the continent in order to some fools to make profit at the expense of other people health even if they trade the bath salts as safe item.

The list of banned chemicals in the United States keeps growing every year and the substances that are modified every year in order to keep the makers out of prison keeps changing and many variations of the recreational chemicals are still being sold openly on some convience stores as well gas station across the United States. Florida as what is of 2012 has shown some of the most gruesome side effects of what these drugs can do such as the Miami Cannibal, just to name a few; the real problem with these cannabinoids  are the chemical reactions that cause in the body which can be said as giving the users a over empower feeling as well liberating toxins around the body that in some cases cause insanity, dead or both as they are not made for human use at all; which made me think probably to win this cyclical-war the laws against cannabis shall be regulated and execute the use to avoid more deaths by the use of these chemicals.

According to the Tampa Bay Times edition of Sunday, October 14th of 2012; the use of these drugs have multiplied 20 times by the end of 2011 and the end of 2012 in a 304 : 6,000. Jairous McGhee was the first known victim of bath salts in Tampa by dying on April the 3rd of 2011 by being subjugated by several police officers after McGhee resited a Taser impact after attacking an officer while he was screaming rap songs and beating car windows along the intersection of Kennedy Blvd and N. Dale Mabry Ave. As Jairous there are around 20 other known mortal victims that succumbed to the effects of the hallucinogens.

According to the aforementioned edition of the Tampa Bay Times the business of dealing with bath salts and  synthetic marijuana goes into a circle where you pay to one point in the world and the product is delivered from another country from the one you paid; as the example they placed was they paid to a bank in London and got the product from Spain which a legal operation wouldn't be on that level to sell and create a profit margin from a product.

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