Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Using Recyclable Items to Create an Indoor Organic Garden: Lesson #1

Lunar Planting Cycle
Tampa, Fl -- If you live in the middle of Downtown of any city, there are sometimes that space could be a constriction on your ideas about what to do in the house or any little project you want to do because you don't see the space to execute them, also there are many and innovative ways on how you could use your space and materials and the key could be in recycling every day things in order to achieve something cool, new and that could create a positive impact on your home economics as well the maintenance of the local surroundings.

Bottle and glass container
On a previous tutorial we explained the basics on what you could buy on a nursery or a retail store such as Home Depot or Lowe's but also you could replace much of the items with everyday things you can find in a supermarket. The items you can buy in a nursery are the seeds as well the soil, solutions (if you feel you will need them) as well much (it is optional on the first steps as we are going to be working with small containers before passing them to bigger ones) and soil. Also you will need a sharp knife and scissors or optional a box-cutter which can facilitate the process of breaking the plastic containers, also in another chapter we are going to explain the process of breaking a glass container without damaging the plant inside of it.

Breaking the bottle
As we said before a plastic container, in this case a Welch's Juice (TM) bottle, scissors and a flat surface which in the showed graphic is the sink of my house could be the best work areas in order to avoid making a mess as well to prevent any accidents or damaging any other surface. Always be careful when cutting or using a sharp object as you can get hurt and if you feel this is too dangerous for you to do, as we say in the previous  you can always buy the pots and everything else in a convenience store of your choice such as Lowe's, Walmart, Home Depot or whatever is close to your place of residence.

Break the bottle as a Funnel
When you cut the bottle, mold the upper section as a funnel and puncture some tiny hols on the lower section of the funnel, insert the funnel into the lower opening of the bottle and place the soil inside the funnel. Why all this.? Simple because we need to let water run as the plant grows. Also the bottom part can be reused and we can save money instead of buying the parts. As soon we have ensemble the pot the next step is to plant the seeds inside it.

Burpee Seeds, Organic
Planting the seeds is really easy but before we speak about, finding the seeds is really easy but it can be annoying as they aren't sold anywhere, the best bet is to find them in a nursery or in our case Lowe's as by a mere convenience due our home being only 1.5 miles away from home and spending an entire day looking for seeds in the middle of Tampa. Burpee are quite easy to prepare, they are also cheap and also they last for over 10 months as they are kept air tight; and, you can buy them online on Burpee's website.

Planting the seeds.
If you want to know a simple tip on how to plant the seeds in a low surface as the home-made pots just simple use your thumb to create a hole in the soil, it will be around 1.1 inch and you will deposit the seeds inside. One tip when you are planting seeds before passing them to a bigger space, try to plant seeds of the same family as they can help each other to grow and eventually you will know which one are the ones you planted when they germinated but as a side tip, "mark the containers which the seeds you placed inside so you will know which one are which. And it can be handy to repeat the process when you pass the seeds to a big container."