Saturday, January 19, 2013

(New Hampshire) The Importance of Sex Education

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Tampa, Fl -- Whenever you think about New Hampshire you probably think as one of the best States to receive an stellar education, where students achieve the highest standardized test scores in the country but it seems that New Hampshire lawmakers are in the process of deleting on their knowledge the public health and sex education programs.

According to the Concord Monitor, State Representative (R-NH) Ralph Boehm introduced a bill to the House Education Committee yesterday that would allow parents to pull their children out of health or sexual education lessons for any reasons at all. It is quite fearful because of the ignorance of some parents the HB 161 would cause some concerns in the public health sector specially because the Granite State already grants parents or guardians to concede objection over certain lessons over religious grounds.

The bill if is mimicked by conservative States could bring some serious issues on a national level as if a parent don't like a teacher then it would be justifiable to pull their child outside the class, saying that over religious reasons his child shouldn't be there but only because the parent feels discomfort with the teacher. If the parents feel discomfort talking about sex they should place their kids on a private school that follows their ideological doctrine instead depriving the kids without a knowledge that is crucial to prevent an STD or an unwanted pregnancy.

The problem with the sex talk lays on the discomfort of the parents to talk something natural with their children because much of them believe they won't do anything stupid or because of the parents upbringing in a religious environment where sex was a taboo topic as a general theme and the only time something as that was spoken at the moment of getting married. Parents shouldn't be able to have a blank card within certain decisions that could obstruct their children development.

The fact is, sex education works (the programs they need to get expanded as not everything is heterosexual sex), in real world examples it have been demonstrated that institutions with strong sex educational programs have low levels of teen pregnancy rates as well STIs. If we talk on a real basis, abstinence don't work because is a prohibition and being young "what you can't get is what you desire the most."

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