Thursday, January 31, 2013

The New Flavor of Graeter's is Amazing

Tampa, Fl -- Not many people are aware about this fabulous brand of ice-cream because is not sell everywhere but is probably one of the best brands that is on today's market. Their ice-cream is so thick and delicious that after tasting it you probably won't go to another brand that easily but what is amazing opposite to other popular brands Graeter's hasn't place on the market a new flavor up until today after three years.

Black Cherry Chocolate Chip looks as a total decadence dessert and is totally amazing too but the flavor is not very different from that they already offer in their carte as there is already a Black Cherry and quite a few other products of their line which chocolate chips but the combination of Black Cherry Chocolate Chip is just delicious is much as mix between Ben and Jerry but with a Greek-unique touch, as it has a scent of French ice-cream because on how is make. As of today February 1st of 2013 the product will be on selected locations so the best idea to know where to get is to check it here to see where you can find this magnificent product.

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