Thursday, January 10, 2013

What to Do With the Baby Breathing Spasms.?

Crying Baby
Tampa, Fl -- Angry, pain and sadness, and in some cases frustration for not obtaining something he wanted tend that children between 8 months and 2 years of age have exaggerated emotional replies that can manifest through the feared breathing spasms.

Feared by parents who aren't aware of this condition and don't know how to act on this physical and emotional transformation of their children, but to understand why these spasm occur is  quite simple, they happen because there is a shortage on the breathing to an event that cause anger or frustration, they can be triggered by anything that upsets the baby; during the event the child produce long uninterrupted screaming's and then he looks as he is chocking up to the point the lips can turn blue which can cause him passing out for less than a minute and then coming back to his senses in the same amount of time he fainted.

Also it can appear as a reply to an intense pain or fear, without even crying the baby can turn white and start losing his conscious slowly with or without convulsions all of these while the child is awake. This all happen due an abnormal reflex where -5% of the kids can hold their breathing enough time to pass out, but is good to hold a differencial diagnostic to analyze any other problem related to the neurology, physiologic and alteration on the conducts of hearth and breathing to differ them from any behavioral problem that are related to tantrums.

The first step is to consult the pediatrician of the child due not every children are suceptible to have these cardiorespiratory attacks and cultivating a good clinical history as well behavioral as they could be presented due a poor handling of the stress from part of the child and if is behavioral it can be corrected but one piece of advice is to not throw water to the child and letting him to lay down to keep the blood flow active in the brain but when the child is breathing normally you can apply but never cover the breathing orifice as he can choke. 

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