Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kielbasa Hot Dogs - Easy Vegetarian Recipe

Tampa, (Fl) --- Hello people, is been a few days since I wrote something. Lately I've been thinking about how cooking should be as always have be, to be simple, easy and enjoyable for everyone. There is another point I been trying to conceal because finding good vegan and vegetarian products that taste much as the real deal around the market because part of transitioning into vegan as well vegetarian is that the product will make your scents happy with what you are eating.

I had a simple idea, why not to make hot dogs.? As there are plenty of choices with meat there are also a lot of choices with the vegetarian market and the vegetarian segment can find a lot to chose from. In my opinion the Tofurky brand has a really nice selection of products as well flavors. The average price is US$4.99 and it can be found on almost any supermarket around the country.

 What we are going to need for this recipe:
1) Hot dog buns.
2) Ketchup
3) Mayo
4) Mustard
5) Cheese of your preference (in our case Mozarella)
6)  Oil (as it works perfectly to roast the sausages)
7) Vegetarian whinnies
8) Shoestring potatoes (albeit this can be optional)


1) The first step is to pre-heat a pan with oil; another alternative is butter to add a crispy flavor but as a preference option oil is my number one option; albeit over here I am just using canola as I ran out of olive oil which is a more delicious as well less invasive to the arteries that frying anything with butter as Paula Dern does.

Wait until the pan is actually completely hot, that you can hear the bubbles popping out of the oil but be careful into not burning yourself and then that is the moment you will add the sausages but for now while the oil is heating let's face on step 2.

2) This step is the easiest one as well the less annoying one as you have to cut the hot dog bus in half but as much companies anticipate that people are lazy with knifes or little kids are going to be helping prepare the hot dogs so they already cut the buns in half in order to make it easy to the people to prepare them and avoid any possible accidents.

One brand that already has them cut in the middle is the Publix brand, to whom don't know Publix is a supermarket in a similar fashion as Kroegers or Bi-Low.

So let's add now the mayo and mustard; the order of the factors doesn't alter the results but sometimes how you spread them around the buns can create a really good hot-dog or a small mess; the best is to grad around a teaspoon (not that much, just with the tip and spread around thirds). I prefer to spread the mayo and mustard in the middle of the bun and the ketchup on the top but if you are using relish the best option is to add the mayo along with the mustard and leave the relish on the top as well with any other salty item you would like to add.

3) So by now the stove should have heathen he pan until the desire proportions, you have to realize that every stove and oven are different, the one in my house is electric and have numbers from 1 to 9, the intensity I use is 6 which is a little bit over the medium and it takes the necessary time for me to prepare what I want when I am cooking other things as well to disperse the heath slowly and more proportionally.

4) As we mentioned earlier we are using the Tofurky brand which encompass a series of vegan products, and they are easy and quick to cook. One good things about vegan products is that fatty content over the animal products and they won't exude the smell of the animal fat around the house and they won't be as lethal for people who have allergies to pork and veil.

The cooking time of the sausages takes around 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the intensity of the stove and a good tip to know, you know they will be done when every single side of the sausage looks gold and crispy. So you have to take note and remember to turn them every quart around every 2 minutes or until you see them even.

5) This is a little trick that I imagined a while ago when I was trying to find a simple solution to not taste cold mustard as well mayo with my hot dog; I just place the prepared buns for 10 to 15 seconds in the microwave and they come warm and the bread doesn't get stiff.

6) The adjacent photo is self explanatory, there is not much to say except place the sausage in the buns.

7) The next step is probably my favorite one because what would be of a hot dog without cheese.? Just a a sausage and a bun and that's it; but using the previously heated pan with a different chunk of cheeses, why chunks instead of shredded ones.? Because when you buy the chunks the melting point is far heavier than the little pieces. The trick with this part is to make the squares completely grilled and golden and when they are perfectly melted you will cut them on the diameter of the buns and sausage and spread them on the top as "butter".

8) And as a piece de resistance, in our version we are doing it Colombian style by adding shoestring potatoes, it can be any brand you like or you enjoy. That's the point of cooking, being able to enjoy what you are eating.

Pik-Nik is my favorite brand since I move to the States, you can find in your local supermarket and the have a multi-use  beyond being simple dressings for meals.

  9) And that it is; a simple way and a easy meal to prepare.