Friday, October 11, 2013

The Catharsis of Couponing

Tampa, (Fl) -- It's been a long time since I'd updated this little blog of mine; probably, the update I bring after a few months of not updating this one. Savings are an essential aspect of every household with a moderate income, that is a rule; but, as every aspect of shopping there is a liberator aspect toward having the idea of - getting items for nothing, can generate problems similar as compulsive gambling where there always have to be more -, when couponing is wrong.? When you start hoarding newspapers and getting things you don't really need in order to get some extra cash.

As my friend Angela said, - there is an emotional aspect in almost every single shopping experience that generates pleasure - is true, humans tend to act based on behavior and some behaviors are based on repetitive patterns that can release pleasure or pain. Some individuals can't really control themselves toward certain habits and then there is the point where addiction kicks in.

Sure, some people will said that with today's economy and because kids when they are growing "eat as cattle" but when you buy 60 cases of yogurts that life spans less than two months, no matter of how much your kids eats, no matter what excuse you use, you have to realize you have a problem and it has to be dealt with.

Another problem when you enjoy the bliss of coupons comes with the paradigm if - I am going to find deals that suit my needs.? Such a finding food that is not sugary or essentially junk.? - The answer is simple, sometimes you will find some deals that fit to your need but then much of the time there are deals that revolve around junk food and not the good eat. What to do.? I can save some by changing my eating habits or just eating what I like.?

That comes with the person and the situation; in my case I ended up adapting a little bit what to eat but at the same time I modified my habits into getting household items for cheap prices without sacrificing my eats. Then if I was a parent, I probably would adapt a few things to get them for nothing but without putting my children into the risk of any of the types of diabetes or a morbid weight line at a young age.

But, if would love to teach my kids how to save I would explain to them the best way to shop without sacrificing what you like, instead of just hoarding paper like crazy.

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