Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dear Modern Alternative Mama, Stop Spreading Misinformation on Vaccines

Dear Modern Alternative Mama;

There are moments where I can say - You are quite an unique person, because it takes a special kind of moron who is not a physician in order to affirm and recommend readers "whether they choose to vaccinate or not to vaccinate." Yes, I took the liberty to save the paragraph as a photo, in order to share the stupidity.

I am going to assume you have never been in contact outside your neighborhood, from any other reality. I am going to assume you had never traveled aboard and faced an epidemic or at least a case of Yellow Fever or Tuberculosis; which on your philosophy you don't need to vaccinate, because we can find alternative methods.

Besides Vani Hari, Mercola and Shiva; you have a special place in my heart among the idiots who promote fearmongering; but also, on the special kind that promote anti-vaccination.

Have you ever experienced polio, any tropical diseases, Malaria.? The list is long, but you opened my eyes, that anti-vaxxers are an invention from developed countries as the United States.

I can't understand why parents chose to not vaccinate, I can understand that some people lay on the premises of fallacies and easy answers, but please stop spreading this kind of bullshit, because there is not such as thing as big pharma that you profess. I can give you a reply to one of your entries, about growing up unvaccinated as well another article that no one can't make you vaccinate.

First, if you are going to travel abroad, beyond America and Canada, many countries will request you to get vaccinated in order to prevent any pandemics or bring any virus, they can deny you the entrance of a country; even tourists who want to acquire a traveling visa they need to get vaccinated or face denial from any consulate. Also, you said about the reality of growing up unvaccinated. Let me give you an answer, My better half, I am happy he reached his 30th birthday but his immune system is weak and any fever can essentially kill him; there is no day I am happy I am vaccinated but I fear for him, because you know Modern Alternative Mama, people like you decide to spread the bullshit without even have the basic chemistry knowledge about the compounds, allergy epidemology or any basic in science.

I really hope any of children live beyond their 30th birthdays, because I can assume you already made a few mistakes.


Friday, December 12, 2014

Nutella Brownie Bites in Three Easy Steps

A simple dessert
Hello my readers, today we are going to continue with the bakery thematic we are going to do a simple recipe of brownie bites made with Nutella, accompanied by chocolate ice-cream and a string of whip cream.

  • 1 Cup of Nutella.
  • 2 Eggs.
  • 10 tablespoons of flour.
The dough

Steps to do it:

1. Preheat the oven at 350
2. Place the eggs first, then the flour and last the Nutella. Make the mix even, where there are no signs of the of the flour.
3. Spread the mix into the container of your preference and let it cook for about half an hour.

Let it cool down before you enjoy and that's it. Place the ice-cream on the side and add some extra Nutella on the top.

One cool thing you can do it's to add Nutella on the top, let them cool overnight and you will have a nice treat for early morning.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Vani Hari Now She Wants Some Free Taco Bell

Dear Vani;

You never ease to amuse me, the use of pseudo-scientific references in order to promulgate your propaganda shows how much how erroneous you can be; such as placing the demi-chemistry website "" as one of your main sources which I am going to assume you use as a maximum truth in your "investigations," is OK I also use something in my investigations - going to school and learn what I am talking about.-

Why are you obsessed with turning everything into the raw-organic fad.? Yes, it is a fad, a marketing fad that is appealing to people who want to feel better about their eating habits or people who think that are saving the planets by buying organics.

You have Chipotle and Whole Foods.? Now you want to go to Taco Bell,? and you said you never go there. What is your interest,? A free meal, maybe.? Because, you don't care about readers, you only care about he hits your blog gets and how much exposition you can get on television or anywhere, but then again the only attention whore on my blog is the Taco Bell chihuahua.

I don't even read the verbal diarrhea you wrote again on a full basis, because I am already laughing hard enough, just thinking on how your entourage who much of them have no clue about chemistry as you, will start analyzing the components on their Chalupas or Burritos. Which by the way, I am heading tomorrow and retweeting a photo of myself on your Twitter, as I already got banned from Facebook (as other probably 4,000 people from Shill Army)

Where the hell you get your information;? because much of he companies aren't that stupid to give away their ingredients to the competition and yet less to discuss it openly with someone who shows signs of extortion in order to get money and fame. Who knows but in the meantime Vani and the Food Babe Army, Yo quiero Taco Bell.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Why People Love To Buy on Supermarkets With Ideology

Whole Foods
From the economical perspective, a supermarket has to be a place where goods and services are offered and purchased; from the marketing perspective is not very different, as is also the place where companies try to position their products on the premium spots and consolidate their brands; but, also a supermarket can offer catharsis.

Whole Foods from the marketing point of view is an amazing place, as the atmosphere is almost surreal, and even urban. The only issue with Whole Foods, is that their emphasis on the "alternative" or better say pseudo science within some of their products.

The store at plain sight is not very different from any other stores, there is a parking lot, a facade and the exterior decoration. Inside the customer realize that there is an aim on urban trends, as on the inner decorations there is some shades of modernism as well employees can express individuality on their personal image.

Some aisle
As soon you start walking around or better say you notice what is around, you will there is a lot of products with philosophy; useless NON-GMO, USDA Organic, Vegan verified, Gluten Free stickers; as well magazines and books with the "alternative treatment ideologies." As every supermarket rules on their own ideology, they can sell their own products.

Some supermarket who go within the Christian eschatology, they will sell books related through prayer healing as well prayers, or stories from the Bible. The problem goes when there is an imposition of a truth as being hold as ultimate, and trying to show customers that they can skip their doctors visit or nutritionist instead by following a fad that doctors didn't told you.

Who cares if a product is Genetically Modified or Engineered.? Only some kind of poser who believes everything that reads on the internet, and that's the reason people enjoy going to supermarkets who profess an ideology, because they give them a sense of belonging and the place encourage their woo ideologies, as if they were the ultimate truth.

On a segmented demographics, it's not bad to have places as Whole Food or Trader Joe's, where they carve a niche for vegetarian and vegan customers; but then finding places such as the one mentioned who endorse Dr. Oz (or shall we say the American version of Dr. Who, named Dr. Woo.); homeopathy, as medicine in their medicine aisle (which they are the most expensive sugar pill ever) as well they sell essential oils and aromatherapy. Which essential oils aren't going to cure you from acid reflux or diarrhea.

It's the environment that can be absorbing, but yet exclusive from people who see that creating a hysteria towards GMO is just part of the problem and shows that is just an environment aimed to first world customers, who probably much of them have no clue about the hunger situation that is happening around the world and how biotech has helped to find a solution even not on a short term, because from a evolutionary biology point of view much of what we consume had to be modified in order to reach the shelves, which made those stupid labels and stickers items of no value and part of the problem that perpetuates the myths.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Clones of the Food Bae, the Food Angel

It seems imitation is the most sincere form of flattery; but after having, a ranger, a babe, a banana girl, a woman with a Vindi who I firmly believe is a tumor and now we have an angel.? Why people who should be respectable aren't going online.?

Everyone of us, can create a difference, and even if we in essence have the same message, is the author who can give a benefit to improve the life of other people or entertain in a nice way, without using any pseudo-scientific notions.

"You can't please anyone, you aren't a jar of Nutella," but you can't find a way to be honest and keep the knowledge as an ethical element, where people will find you unique from the rest. Having an online presence is not easy, but crafting an online image where you can surround yourself with people that have a good ethos not only in chemistry, biochemistry, marketing or whatever science they feel keen, you can generate a difference not only with your viewers but also with yourself because you will be in a constant process of learning.

My site could be a clone of many, just another one of thousands; in fact, this website started as a school project around four years ago, I stopped for about two years because I wasn't sure what to do after I had to stop my education for around 24 months, and then I realized is not about imitation but being true to who I am, and I started this website as a small independent marketing project where I can aim to a segment who are lazy to cook but enjoy life, and all of those delicious things you can make at home, as well to analyze fads and trends, because I am amplifying my education in communications, finances and human relations.

Much of these woo-trends who follow an easy way, filled with easy answers, without a reality, had been for centuries and they will continue; but one of them will emerge, and it can cause a different because it won't offer easy solutions but it will appeal to any potential viewers by being honest and using a language that will get to the masses.

Between the Food Babe, The Food Angel, just to name a few, there aren't big differences, they all look alike. Photogenic people who have a way to reach people through their image, as well with incredible claims that you can find on supermarket magazines about miracle cures or superfoods. Which neither of them exist, beyond a moderate diet, a good metabolism, keeping regular visits to your physician and exercising without using any fads but assisted by professionals.

I won't go into healthy leaving, or professing knowledge that I don't know or do I lack, I rather entertain people, show them easy recipes, let them love food without recurring into woo; because life is too short to be someone else and not to enjoy something delicious.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Dear Vani, this is Not About Hate, This About Your Unrealistic Truth

Dear Vani;

As Dr. Kevin Folta, I am also from Florida but I was born and raised in Cartagena, Colombia. As you can imagine English is not my first language, but probably my third; and as you I am not a dietitian, physician, nutritionist or from any medical field; in fact I find annoying when you said - I am an investigator -, you are wrong, you are neither on the hills of being one, I used to work before I moved as a journalist, and I had to research everything towards the news I gave towards the socio-political climate of the city.

Now I am making salads and subs; but I been in Florida for the last six years, soon to be seven as soon January the 1st arrives.

Also I have profound admiration for the Science Babe, Chow Babe, Food Hunk, Kavin Senapathy and Dr. Kevin Folta (Which I hope I can do my Masters in Education at the University of Florida.) This is not an attack to you, even if there are some trolls who use the shill army name, just to attack you; I read partially your entry, the last one I took a screen cap, why I read it partially.? Because it was too damn boring and filled with false pretenses, in order to show you as a martyr; you know from every point of view there is also a contraposition, or as in science call a peer review, but it seems you can't accept being analyzed, and you call that an attack.

From the members of the shill army there are several scientist and people related to the medical profession, such as the Science Babe, Kavin, Kevin and as far as I know one of the administrators of Banned by the Food Babe, which the ranks keeps growing, because people are seeking a better understanding, and different groups are giving them the answer and the chance to debate.

Why you don't want to debate Vani.? Are you scared that you are going to lose, or that you won't be able to give a proper answer and face ridicule.? It shows what the NPR said was true, you are a fear-monger individual who profits on the new wave of pseudo science and the ignorance from the median class not only in America, but around the world.

You could be a different personality, you could make an actual difference, and I am saying this from what I am studying, Marketing perspective. You have all the elements to be a personality that an shine, as you fit in the photogenic category and you know your speech, but instead you use to ban people who want to engage in debate; you made some extreme conspiracy stories about that us we are being paid by biotech or pharmaceutical companies, in order to defame you, show us the proof, because you are damaging the reputation of people with lies and no proof.

Having concrete proof is part of being an investigator, and that you are going to be peer reviewed forms part of being an authentic investigator, and not being reviewed by other people who share the same philosophy such as Vandana Shiva, or Natural News; to put what you found within a respectable body of people, who through the scientific method will discern your findings, but you are scared, because ignorance is part of the fear someone could have when they don't know how to rebut the opposition is wrong.

Sincerely, Gus Calvo,
A soldier of the Shill Army.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes Easy Recipe

Chocolate Chip Pancakes
There is something really nice about making pancakes from scratch; and essentially is really cheaper to buy the ingredients separate on a long term, instead of buying the pre-made mix. 

I have to confess, on a consumers point of view, there are some quite good brands out there, and they are really cheap and they cost around US$2.99 and even less; but if you make the mix from scratch you can save the money of the packages, because you will have the basic ingredients in the house.

Remember you can replace all the ingredients with what you like, instead of using eggs you can find a substitute, such as apples or potatoes; the milk can be replaced by coconut milk, soy or almond 


  • 2 cups of 365 wheat flour.
  • 1 cup of semi sweet chocolate chips.
  • 2 tablespoons of baking powder.
  • 2 eggs.
  • 1/4 cup butter, melted.
  • 3 tablespoons of brown sugar.
  • 1 tablespoon of Kosher salt.
What you'll need to do:

  1. Melt the butter, and keep it separated.
  2. Mix the flour, baking powder, sugar and salt.
  3. Combine the eggs and melted butter to the milk. Mix them well.
  4. Add the milk, eggs, butter mix slowly into the dry mix and stir the dry mix while you add the moist one, doing clockwise movements.
  5. After you get a firm batter; add the chocolate chips and mix them until you get them incorporate it with the pancake batter
  6. Let the mix sit, while you wait until the pan is hot enough.
  7. Add one handful of the batter to the pan, cook until you see both sides golden colored. It will take around 2 minutes per side, depending on your stove capacity; and that's it, add syrup when you finish and whip cream on the top and enjoy.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

An Easy Milkshake Recipe

Chocolate-chip Milkshake
What I love about milkshakes is that they are simple to make, as well they are quite elegant towards the presentation the maker gave to them; and the best think you can prepare them with items you find in your house.


  1. 2 Cups of milk. You could use only one in order to make the milkshake thicker.
  2. 8 Tablespoon of brown sugar.
  3. 6 Cups of the ice-cream you enjoy the most.
  4. 1/4 Cup Semisweet chocolate morsels.
  5. Whip cream to taste

The first step we are going to do, is to melt the chips; place them inside a microwave safe bowl. The reason we are doing this, is because we are going to spread the melted chocolate inside the mugs we can use and place them on the cooler for about an hour until they are hard enough, but also we are going to melt them, to place some of it on the top of the whip cream as decoration

After this step is done we are going to pour 2 cups of milk inside the blender; after that we are going to add the ice-cream; after that sugar and we will blend until the consistency is creamy and foamy.

When the chocolate is hard enough, pull the cup out and serve. Spread in circular patterns the whip cream on the top and add some of the melted chocolate that wasn't frozen, and that's it, you just got yourself a milkshake.

Monday, November 24, 2014

GMO OMG What A Fucking Piece of Shit Filled With Misinformation and Woo

What a delightful piece of demagogy and shit; I never spent more than fifty minutes of my life trying to find enjoyable, the rants and how a parent try to pass his woo crazy ideas to his children. 

What I see in this movie was a parent (Jeremy Seifter) developing an fear and possible an eating disorder, that would affect his three children as well his wife, due to his fear on food. As more I'd kept seeing people as Jeremy who had never traveled abroad or being homeless (yes, I saw Dive and keeps my idea that people as him or the Food Babe or Modern Alternative Mama, are morons who put their business on fear and misinformation in order to sell their spread their message and earn money in the process).

One aspect that many of us know around the #shillarmy, is that people who move in the woo such as the aforementioned ones, are extremely photogenic, and that's the main reason they appeal to the general public, even if their messages are filled with bullshit.

Jeremy Seifter
I am going to assume that Mr. Seifter much as the other ones have no fucking clue about what is to be hungry, or without  roof, or to sleep in a car, in order to start critiquing every single food on the idea that all GMO's cause cancer, autism or some other consequence they can't refute, because they aren't doctors or physicians.

The day all of these morons, spend more than a week on the worse conditions, they will learn their so called cause is just a waste of time.

Why to promote that if you can't afford organics, to eat less.? That's promoting a selective human cleansing; or as well why to promote the idea of organics as a healthy aspect of food.? When they aren't, they are just a marketing strategy to sell "healthy stuff" to people, and make the products look "clean"

I wouldn't recommend to see this movie, even if you can download it from Pirate's Bay for free, it is just a big waste of time.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Chicken Crepes with Alfredo Sauce

Chicken Crepes with Alfredo Sauce
Hello my dear readers; continuing our topic with pastries let's going to a simple but yet delicious recipe, chicken crepes with Alfredo sauce; in another entry we are going to do some vegan crepes, but for now we are going to know how to make them in a really simple way.


* Organic wheat flour, 1-cup
* 1 teaspoon of Organic Cane Sugar
* 1/4 teaspoon of Kosher salt.
* 3 eggs.
* 2 cups of milk.
* 2 tablespoons butter, melted.
* 1 cup of any Alfredo sauce that you like 
* A hint of cheese on the top.
* Sliced chicken.

Preparation of the batter.

The mix.
It is quite simple. The flour, sugar and salt, are all going to be mixed in one separate bowl. In another bowl, add the milk and the eggs. Mix the egg and the milk with an electric mixer, until the mixture is smooth, and there aren't any residues on the bottom of the bowl.

After the eggs are incorporated into the milk, add the flour, sugar an salt. The melted butter is going to be added at the end, and all the ingredients are going are going to be mixed with the electric mixer, as we did before, there shouldn't be any residues on the bottom of the bowl.

You have to know, you have to pur as little as possible, but you have the cover the entire surface of the pan. Think that you are making a napkin, that's how as thick the mix should be.

The mix is going to cook in about five minutes; if you don't have a big spatula, in order to place it on the dish, just flip the pan into the dish, and the crepe will fall on the plate.

In another pan, you can fry the chicken as soon it is hot. When the chicken is getting ready, that you know is crispy then add the Alfredo sauce; but, when you are placing the chicken inside the crepe, don't pass any of the sauce inside the pan, just the chicken with the flavor.

Chicken Creepe With Alfredo Sauce
When the chicken is placed in the middle; just fold the crepe over itself. Place some Alfredo sauce on the top, the sauce can be heated on the microwave, as well the cheese without melting them.

That's it, it's not difficult and you can do different combinations that satisfy your taste.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Simple y Sencilla Receta de Pizza

Pizza Casera
Mis queridos lectores; ha pasado tiempo desde que escribí en Español, pero tengo que admitir que las ultimas semanas he estado algo ocupado. He decidido avanzar en este proyecto y tratar de publicar a diario alguna que otra receta pero lo más importante hacer cosas que sean fáciles.

He decido organizar mis recetas por temas, desde el día de hoy vamos a tratar el tema de la panadería.

No hay nada más delicioso que comer pizza, y no tiene que ser complicado en hacerla, es mas no es tan complicado en hacer pizza casera.



1 1/2 copas de agua.
1/4 copa de aceite de oliva
3 1/2 cupas de harina de trigo.
1 cucharada sopera de azucar
1 1/2 cucharada de te de sal kosher
2 cucharaditas de te de levadura.
Salsa de pizza al gusto.

Items que Necesitaras

Maquina para hacer pan.

Mi gente; hacer pizza en la casa no ha sido mas fácil desde que existen las maquinas para hacer pan. Muchas de estas maquinas, tienen la opción de exclusivamente hacer la masa de los panes, y uno después puede moldearlas a su gusto. De los ingredientes que vamos a usar, el esencial es la salsa para las pizzas, pero en la próxima entrada les voy a mostrar mi receta casera, que no es tan difícil de hacer.

La mayoría de las maquinas de pan, siempre tienen el orden de poner el liquido primero, luego los ingredientes secos y luego al final la levadura. Si uno quiere hacer la masa desde cero, tampoco es tan arduo pero si consume tiempo. Para eso necesitaran una tablilla para amasar, harina, y los ingredientes en dicho orden.

A me me gusta poner la tablilla con aceite para que la masa no se pegue; y en el centro esparcir la harina en forma circular, dejando un hueco en el medio donde depositare los elementos líquidos, dejando como ultimo la levadura. El proceso es sencillo empezar amasar en sentido del reloj, hasta que se tenga una masa suave, y agregando poco a poco algo de agua en caso de que la masa quede seca, cuando al final se tenga la consistencia adecuada ahi se agrega la levadura a la mezcla.

 Hay diferentes tipos de levadura, en mi caso la que me gusta es la de Hodgson Mill que es la misma que están viendo en la foto. La levadura en este caso la preparo independientemente a la mezcla, no importa si la estoy haciendo en la maquina o a mano.

Recuerden, uno siempre puede encontrar la que le parezca mejor y la que dé el sabor indicado a la pizza o a la mezcla de pan que uno esté haciendo.

Esta levadura se hace disolviendo en 1/4 taza de agua tibia y 1/4 cucharadita de azúcar, pero hay que deducir  las copas de agua del liquido que hay en la receta. 

La mezcla comenzara a burbujear alrededor de cinco minutos, esa es la garantía que la levadura esta activa y viva. Cuando se mezcle la levadura con la masa deje que se asiente alrededor de 8 a diez minutos.

Pizza Con Queso
Dependiendo del tipo de pizza que quieras, si es la Bostoniana de masa gruesa o la de masa delgada vas agregar la cantidad de masa por el volumen, recuerden que la levadura va hacer que la masa se expanda, por eso no se puede poner demasiado de la masa en el horno o de otra manera no tendrán pizza.

Cuando, pongan la masa en el sartén, no se olviden de expandirla en sentido del reloj, lo que sobre, guárdenlo en una bolsa plástica en la nevera y tendrán  masa de pizza por lo menos para una semana.

El horno precaliéntelo en 400F ( a mis amigos con Celsius, les pido disculpa por mi flojera, pero hagan la conversión ustedes), la pizza no tiene que ser perfectamente redonda, pongan en el centro y sáquenlo en contrarreloj sin tocar los bordes, la salsa de pizza, y en el tope ponga queso al gusto.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Can the Middle-Class American Survive Buying Organics.?

Frozen Organic Green Beans
The answer is no. I been doing an experiment for the last month, that I am not repeating, trying to maximize my income when buying organics, and the results aren't as catastrophic as I would imagine but there are other solutions to buy food, go where the savings are.

There is no proof that organics are healthier; they are just a trend as everything else that is on the market, but is worth trying if you have the chance, as you can see the variety of products that are there for the consumers.

The problem is, whenever you eat a product that has a philosophy, you are paying for the philosophy or the cartoon, whenever you can find the conventional product on a supermarket for a lower price and it will be as equally good.

My experiment started on the 10/03/2014 and ended today (11/03/2014), My median is US$13.000 annually and I don't have any children; so is only me and my better half. Taking out the fluctuating electric bill, water, gas and other expenses we barely have US$70.00 for food, and no we do not have food stamps.

Organics are usually twice as expensive, sometimes they contain the same amount but you pay more (and this is not an issue quality over quantity) and sometimes you are just paying for the envelop or container; while some private regular brands cost a quarter of the prices. If we go on anecdotal evidence, I went to a small farmers market organized by the Whole Foods in the area, first time I ever go to one, it was tiny and only had 14 tents in a really cramped space, A dozen eggs at Wal-Mart I would pay US$2.00 even at Publix or Windixie; but why I decided to pay US$6.00 besides helping the local business, or a from a farm that is not far away from my house that I never heard before.? The answer is simple, I wanted to try and get the perceptions on why people do it, why they pay more for essentially the message.?

It's because exclusivity and lack of literacy; even with money, consumers can be ignorant and they can go for any alarmist trends, that will persuade them to buy less and pay more, such as paying attention to the Food Babe or Natural News (which I am starting to believe is almost as the Daily Currant, and is been trolling people for quite a while now.)

Middle-Class America can't afford it, it's ridicule, you can go and take a look and you will see how many people flood a Walmart to a less conventional one that sells the philosophy of organics; it's unrealistically speaking, that a mother or a single father of one or two, would be able to buy a US¢99 lbs organic bananas, that they can't split and they have to buy whole, considering that there are two pounds, the consumer will be paying with a 7% taxes around US$9.97 for measly two pounds; which by that amount you can buy at least 10 frozen meals plus taxes.

Would I continue buying some organics.? Yes, there are some products that I had enjoy such as dark chocolate, but nothing would change my perception of ingesting in a frenzy a really heavy greasy pizza; but, what about the people who are involved in this trend, that they see it as an ultimate truth.? One day they will see what is about.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Organic Montebello Farfalle Easy Recipe

What would you need:

1) 1-Cup of Organic Montebello Farfalle,
2) 1/2 a spoon of organic butter.
3) Kosher Salt, add to the taste.
4) Organicville Pizza Sauce, add to the taste.
5) Parmesan cheese.
6) Basil, a hint.
7) 2 Tablespoons of Organic Olive Oil.

A simple meal; I like to keep things simple when I cook, albeit sometimes I do over the top items. In a near future I am going to post my own recipe for spaghetti as well for the pizza sauce.

The first we are going to is to boil water in a skillet; I know is not orthodox but the trick for an even pasta is to place the same amount of volume of water with the pasta that is going to be cooked. Add the kosher salt to your own taste; as well, mix 2 tablespoons of organic olive oil into the water.

Montebello Organic Farfalle
In the meantime place some organic butter in the colander; let it simmer down on room temperature, as if you have a plastic colander it would help the surface to not be sticky.

I like the Montebello brand; not because of the nutritional value, I have no clue about that, I am a marketer not a dietitian (or a woo with a computer degree who thinks that knows about chemistry and molecular composition). What I like about Montebello is the flavor, it really tastes nice and it cook really quick, as it only takes around 11 minutes to cook.

Organicville Pizza Sauce is actually spectacular, and it can be added perfectly  to the pasta. I do enjoy the pizza sauce or Organicville because flavor-wise you can feel the tomatoes and is vegan.

When the water is hot enough; add the farfalle, the water has to cover the pasta completely; just stir once and when you feel that is ready, just drain the water and mix it with the butter. Return the pasta to stir and mix it for a few seconds with the organic sauce; after that transfer the pasta to a dish; add your favorite Parmesan cheese, with a hint of basil and you will be ready to enjoy.

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Catharsis of Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods, Dale Mabry
From a consumers point of view, going to Whole Foods for the very first time it is almost as experience catharsis or Nirvana, but going there from a perspective aiming retail marketing analysis, you are in retail heaven.

The store is almost as possible to a marketer could experience bliss on Earth. Whole Foods is almost a complete antithesis of the supermarkets in Florida, even the most traditional ones around the State; employees don't wear uniform, there is individuality, there is upbeat music as well a clean environment that mix that classic supermarket with a coffee house as well a small cafeteria.

The environment itself is almost surreal, as it was everything but a supermarket, it's much as a hip place who doesn't even offer plastic bags in the Florida market, where almost every local supermarket has plastic bags by proxy.

Supermarkets in Florida should rethink their marketing strategy to attract a new segment of the population, that had experienced an economical boom in the last couple of years, as well how to keep regular customers coming and generating profit for the company. There should be a strategy towards local supermarket chains in the Sunshine State to keep with the globalization and ever changing tastes of the population, because we are not in the 1950's and the visual displays of the store should attract new customers as well with the quality of the products.

As it was said, the environment is surreal, the colors that decorate the store are flashy and trendy, they go from a yellow palette to green, but also evoke a natural feeling that is not a supermarket held by a corporation but rather a small neighborhood store, as well it gives an alternative vibe to conventionalism.

Kale Krunch
I was a newcomer until today, and it amused me, as I spent probably an hour walking around the aisles and checking every single product. They offer items that aren't common in every supermarket, as well the sale products using locally grown items; but, it made thought about the sustainability of organics vs. standard agriculture.? Also, It made me realize the impact other stores could generate, even if they are a national chain, if they support local family farms versus importation of services as well outsourcing.

On a sales perspective they are aiming to an specific set of customers; which involve eco-friendly individuals as well giving vegans and vegetarians a safe heaven to shop. The music on the supermarket is trendy, it's new, it is not from the late 1990's, it compliments the experience of shopping there, as well with the mood of the store.

A very blurry photo of Deli
The deli was amazing to watch; the meat was clean cut, and even the employees who worked in close proximity handling the food had beards; which not many supermarkets in Florida, even traditional ones, permit to their employees.

Yet the problem of a store who had a philosophy of animal rights, as well a clientele who advocate for fair trade and animal right; but yet, a business can not close their doors to any possible revenue. Yet; the quality of the products is amazing to the eyes and the palate.

One tiny aspect that could be changed it's their position to homeopathic approach, not only on their "health and goods sections" but also on their little magazine rack that offers a holistic approach to certain treatments that can be life threatening, as well promoting Dr. Oz which as by 10/21 everyone knows he was on a hearing on  June of the present year, due his false advertisement on weight-loss products.

A company image could be damaged just by associating themselves with a quack like Dr. Oz, and it's more socially responsible to promote and back-up peer reviewed medicine, that has valid treatments instead of snakes oils; because you can eat and live healthy without compromising your health or the health of others.  

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Bullshit of Homeopathy, Holistic and Modern Alternative Mama Part One

Another Form of Bullshit: Faith
Homeopathy can come on different forms and shapes; much as the body of a person. A feel good pseudoscience we may say, that will pull your money out and leave you dead at the very end.

As many stories that can relate to the different forms of this pseudoscience, let's start with a personal anecdotal evidence (mine, of course,) when I was 16 years old I had a third overdose with medications, I won't deny that I was suicidal and I am always happy that my last attempt wasn't successful.

You can learn from any experience, and you can always find a way to push yourself or just stay still and never evolve. As I destroyed my intestinal system, my rationality opened a little bit as well my thirst of knowledge, I had another chance in life that I couldn't waste.

You probably wonder why I tried to commit suicide several times.? Family issues and I was having personal problems on accepting my own identity and sexuality.

My family were extremely religious, I simply wasn't; I started to see the world on a different light, to learn about the scientific method and learning that even if science hasn't got all the answers it offers a consensus of different sources, opposite to religion who only offer one from all the so-called truths. After several months of abdominal and gastrointestinal inconveniences, my maternal grandmother decided to took my to a faith healing mass at the local parish.

I always will believe that religion can be a part of someone, but it's something that shouldn't define a person as a whole. That was probably one of the last times I put a foot inside a church, and my apathy grew. The church was full, at that moment I wasn't aware of the term of homeopathy and I wasn't going to be until a few years later, and realized that faith healing is just another form of the vast spectrum of this crap.

The church wasn't very different from the Pentecostal reunions that my grandmother considered a dirty form of Christianity (hence to say, my family was Catholic), there was music and people were passing the pulpit and screaming that Jesus healed them; or formed prayer circles and tried to vanquish the diseases. It's not difficult to understand, that certain social activities can improve the patient's well being; but without the treatment, there is nothing to do.

My grandmother asked several times to raise my hands and start praying and singing; I refused, I was bedazzled by such behavior. Why people start saying all those things towards they were healed towards the holy ghost.? My only conclusion, even if there was some degree of education, there were the social taboos that people had to accept religion as a must part of their lives.

One of the moments of the night, a woman named Doris Naizir claimed that her cancer was in remission; she started a moment of praying, where almost every one was thanking God for her recuperation. That moment marked my life, because I used to go to the same school that her son went back in Cartagena, Colombia. Also, it was the first time I heard the word cancer and I saw a patient who had lost her hair due chemo and radiation.

Her image on the pulpit it's still vivid on my mind, almost 16 years later. She died 1 year later, as from what I heard from my mother and my grandmother that she never went back to the healing services. I asked both "If God heals, why then he doesn't heal everyone equally.? Why it gave all these shit to people who don't deserve it.?" My mother replied, that everyone has their time limit on this Earth and that God is perfect.

I was 17 when I stop embracing any form of organized religion, and started to read about the so called alternative healing methods; and I wasn't impressed at all, up to that years later when I moved to Brandon, Fl; and, I was involved in a car accident and my lawyer recommended me to go to one of their chiropractors, I asked him if I could go to a physical therapist instead of that charlatan. His answer was no; as it would look good that I went to an specialist.

I asked him, since when specialist are chiropractors.? They don't do anything, and after my first session, and researching that the so called medical group I went, worked with my lawyer as an extension of the business, I told him "I will refuse to call him a doctor." and never did, and up to this day; I refuse to call anyone who profess these miracle cures or treatments, with any honorific because they don't deserve it.

The difference between Latin America and North America, is that people are more grateful with doctors on the South than in the North; I never heard over there any bullshit such as vaccines cause autism, or any of the shit of Natural News, even someone as Jenny McCarthy would be consider a nut job because of her statement. It wasn't until I moved here to the States that I saw that almost every supermarket and pharmacy has their own holistic and "natural section" which much of the time in the supermarkets, is just on the same aisle of the conventional medicines.

Maybe people grew to be stupider, maybe I was blind when I was in Colombia, and only reacted when I was fully awake but what really pissed me off is that an idiot that self-named herself "Modern Alternative Mama" decides to follow all the bullshit from this fallen new age ideology.? And then taking her toddler son to a chiropractor before a pediatrician, after he broke his arm while crawling. These situations just made wonder, why people listen to all these loons.? I have no clue.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Cold Pressed Juices, How Not To Take Some Shit Seriously and a Small Review on Evolultion Juices

I've been wondering how a respectable company could simply place on their label of the products they sell We apply ginormous pressure (instead of heat pasteurizing), then I realize, it's just a trend, a marketing strategy that is plays on the emotions of the people in order to sell more, by demonizing well established processes that kill bacteria such as E. Coli and a few others.

It's quite annoying because people believe that they are doing something good for their bodies, while they are just being squished for their money and nothing else. It seems also that the trend goes into the so called detoxes or cleanses; for me the term cleanse involves going to Taco Bell and eat the beefiest item on their menu in order to clean my colon.

For something that is 16oz and you pay almost US$10, which only contains around six pounds of produce for every 16oz, is a rip-off but yet people enjoy buying because they believe that is healthier and if it has the NON GMO label will be healthier, not to mention just more expensive.

The contemporary debacle of the NON GMO label brings the worst of people, who firmly believe that if their supermarket products contain Non GMO are better, but at the same time they are paying more for something they can get for less if they buy conventional brands. Almost every single product in every supermarket has to contain a Genetic Modified Component in order to survey the trip from one point of the world to the other, as well the long times it spends under border control as well in the warehouse 

As well the importance of the GMO's goes that they keep afloat the principle of trading and commercializing food goods all year long; otherwise on of you would get your Chiquita or Dole Banana in the middle of July. Yet, people seem to not understand that.  Developers won't say anything about how much fruits are placed in the juice, and it's difficult to calculate as not many of the bottles are quite honest, but yet if they don't show it as "healthy" it simply won't sell, as is not a really solid sale point on being honest.

Lets take a look on the Evolution juices, as much as the Suja they are quite simple flavored. They don't offer a real catch, which makes me wonder if the cold pressure kills the flavor of the fruits they pour in the mix.? One thing that worries me is that for something that is healthier as the Evolution juices, they have a 5% of sodium on a 16oz bottle as well 15% of potassium which in theory it should be as healthy as eat a few bananas.

Would I buy this juice again,? probably as I have the money to spend and it's usually on discount where I shop and is quite enjoyable with the hot weather in Florida.

Friday, October 10, 2014

#Organicmilknext quite an Idiocy from a Hunk, GMOs' and a Babe

Whenever I think that I heard everything, something new just pop out; and even if this event happened a week ago, it made me realize that he so called hacktivism, or cyber activism is just a waste of effort on how the newer generations really think that with the push of a "Like" will do something.

I won't even do anything with my blog, I am just a crazy guy who blogs, such as the Modern Alternative Mama, The Fraud Boob, The Hunk and just to name a few others; the only difference and I admit it, I don't give crazy advice's to people who could be potentially fatal, as I am pro-vaccine and I love going to Starbucks.

It made me wonder if the organizer of this campaign, from GMOiNSiDE! sit down to think that the inclusion of an overpriced trendy milk, such as organic milk, and every other organic product will create some unnecessary cost to the already expensive coffee Starbucks serve, but yet do they even realize that some stores do offer organic soy milk on their most expensive drinks,? as an alternative for the people who are lactose intolerant.

From a monetary and retail perspective, #organicmilknext is just a mere hypocrisy; people could sit down in front of their computers, give a feedback to the campaign, make a shitty excuse and then go and enjoy an overpriced Venti  Frappuccino.

Let's analyze something, Starbucks revenue on 2013 was US$14.89 Billions vs. the so called #Foodbabearmy which is barely 400.000 people who are dispersed world wide; if we take a notice on how the Food Babe status only have a fraction of those 400.000 fanatics who compose her army, and she barely gets 8.000 likes up to 12.000 per post, which if we compare to the comments there are barely 600 hundred which we can refine her number of her army into around a 1000 people, who don't know what is to be an activist in real life, outside their computer screens.

Proud to be a Healthy Shill
So, if we use the Erin Brokovich Fallacy, it's almost impossible for one person to overthrow an organization if there is no crime, but also this forms of protest show how shallow people can be, as well ignorant; because, if we go on the argument "That if I can't pronounce it don't eat," then we wouldn't be able to drink water or eat peanut butter.

The Babe and The Hunk had shown so many times, how fragile the society can be, because they tend to follow everything two photogenic people said and do; or in the case of crazy lunatic Vandana Shiva and her overgrowing Bindi, which I firmly believe is not a Bindi but a tumor that is playing with her brain; we are watching how idiotic people can be, because these so called nutrition experts are no experts on the fields they promulgate and preach.

In the meantime we can focus on real causes, such as supporting micro-credits and letting family mom-pops business to grow and help local economies; just to name a few examples instead of whining to Starbucks to put organic milk. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Suja Very Simple But Extremely Expensive Product Review

During the last month with all the hype due the Food Babe, promoting the so called refreshing, juices named Suja. I have a belief that try everything about food, at least once in your lifetime.

As many of my products that I try, I got this one on Whole Foods. Probably I've passed that product several times as it's not really flashy with the exception of the intense colors of the juices.

I ended up buying Berry Nana and Mango Magic, albeit the company offers different flavors. There is nothing special about the flavors of the juices, they are actually quite plain, and for US$3.46 per bottle (and each bottle is only 12 FL OZ) you could expect a little bit more of a hint, instead of something that essentially is bland and I could do it from my own home.

The company got his position on the market due the not so orthodox actions of the Internet persona named The Food Babe (I refuse to add a direct link, or reblog any entry from her website) after saying the juice was healthy.

Let's face it, for a bottle that contains 345 mL of juice, contains 190 calories, which technically that is half of the nutritional value of the juice, as well it has 43 grams of sugar, which for a small bottle, that is promoted as healthy, is no difference from a lunch-box container of Nestle Juicy Juice, that parents send in their kids' lunchboxes.

Yet, the flavor of the juice is quite bland and it has a lot of sugar; albeit I bet the developers would say that amount of sugar comes from the organic ingredients. A little hint of sugar, even if is organic wouldn't be bad to improve the flavor of the juices, as well take out the kale of someone of them, as it just add a nasty after taste.

Would I recommend to someone this product,? and would I buy it again.? Neither of them, I rather spend my money on something else, that has more flavor and is tastier than this overpriced product.

As well I would recommend to minimize the use of the fonts on the package design, as it doesn't look professional, it looks as it was developed by a kindergarten student who is learning to draw and not a graphic designer, that is trying to evoke the feelings of natural and wellness.  

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Stupidity of the Anti-Vaccine Movement and Why I believe the Importance of Vaccination

Symptoms of Yellow Fever of Colombian Ministry of Health
I am not a doctor or a register nurse, I am a marketer and a communicator, and nothing else. I was born in Colombia and I was born within a family of physicians, I always grew up with the importance of vaccination and also I studied and executed journalism.

I don't believe in the random bullshit you can find in the Internet such as the Food Babe, Vandana Shiva, Natural News (I am not linking them here, as I do not intend giving them hits of any kind) or the Food Hunk, just to name a few morons.

I believe in facts, I don't believe in the conspiracy theorist that say that U.S. government invented diseases such as AIDS as well their cures; that is to take sides on the people who spread the ignorance; show me that the U.S.A. government invented all these shits with official papers, and I will believe it, show me through a peer review that vaccines are evil and the so called terminology of these idiots that the "Big Pharma" are just hiding what they have.

Of course, there are some profits as any other business, but also playing with the ignorance of people is equally as wrong of the theories they are perpetuating. I always as many other people will believe in the importance of vaccination because I believe in survival, also I believe that eradication of diseases is possible. I think and firmly believe that parents who do these kind of gatherings with sick children because they think their children will develop immunity are just quite reckless into exposing their children to diseases that can be treated, and their parental rights should be revoked.

I am tired of listening to these miracle cures of homeopathy, while it has created a monopoly by placing the idea, that their so called "vitamins" are healthier than medication; it's sickening to listening and reading people that they got cure of a genetic condition just by switching their diet into some kind of hippie new age eating habits.

I never heard before about the anti-vaccination movement until I moved into the United States, it baffles me, because in underdeveloped countries where diseases as Malaria that puts 3.2 billion people according to the World Health Organization are at risk, would be grateful to receive the vaccines and treatment to hold a pandemic,

Even in my birth country with the Yellow Fever and Polio, people who are in the marginal sections are just grateful that there is a solution for their health issues; but only in America and Europe would be people idiotic enough to speak shit about vaccines, and how they are linked to autism. If some who is an anti-vax read this, can you explain to me how a neurogenetic condition as autism is linked to the vaccine of the flu or any other.?

Your reasoning is almost a priori, much as if you all were a bunch of three year old kids who are trying to understand the meteorological patterns of the rain but the only thing you can associate is that every time it rains is because your mother placed a hat on her head.

It's almost as all the antivaxers can't associate other realities from their own, because they had never seen them, and they believe all of the world should think as them.

Of course there is always a side of every corner, but the proof that vaccines had helped humanity is undeniable but then facing the side of the so called troll conspirators show how stupid some people can be.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Simple Organic Idea for Breakfast: Fusion of Gluten Free Arepa and Non GMO Tofu Spinach Sausage

Namaste my dear friends and readers, I hope you all had a fantastic week. It's been a while since I blogged because some time constraints, but all of that has been solved.

As I mentioned in several post before, I been back at college; continuing my education on Marketing and Finance, and it has been a truly blessing to keep on the path to improve myself and achieve my dreams.

Friends and readers, never give up on your dreams other wise the road will be closed and if you feel your chakras are not aligned, take a minute or to engage into meditation in order to put your mind clear of negative energies.

Today we are going to enjoy a simple breakfast idea, accompanied with a Suja Juice which is really ruci, as well an amazing Colombian arepa which is gluten free, and last but not least two meat free, Non GMO Artisan Tofurky sausages.

Arepas are a wonderful treat from Latin America, essentially they are made of corn and they are delightful to eat at any moments of the day.

I did my research, and they do not contain any transfat or monounsaturated fats, which it's truly amazing albeit there are 80 calories per piece.

You can find the arepas on almost every Latin supermarket and they are usually really cheap to buy.

Cooking the breakfast:

Step One: The first step we are going to do is to preheat a skillet until is really hot; remember to use our organic olive oil as is really important to keep it pure as possible. The olive oil I use is Pompeian, which is the one my abuela used, and I use up to this day.

When the olive oil is hot enough, put carefully inside the arepa; as we are going to use the oil for cooking the sausages also, we are going to pre-heat in a separate saucepan the oil for the sausages.

It's such a beautiful morning here, is fresh and I hear the birds chirping. It will take about 15 minutes per side to make the arepa crisp on each side, because that's the best way to eat one delicious arepa.

This is how you see that the arepa is done; is crispy, is crunchy, like a perfect organic granola. You can smell the flavors of the corn, it will bring you memories of those home cook meals back in your parents house.

You can melt organic, non gmo, vegan cheese over the arepa as it will make a perfect addition. It's just lovely to add such a perfect balance of flavors.

What a perfect side for our arepa and our healthy sausages who are also non-gmo and also made from Tofurky, they are composed of spinach and pesto, and the best part is meat free. I never liked meat, and this amazing NON GMO tofu sausages are amazing and they cook really well and really fast.

As we said previously, cooking this sausages is exactly as the arepas, cook them with hot organic oil. You can find these sausages on the frozen organic section of your supermarket, or in the natural section of the produce area.

Remember to cook the sausages evenly; it will take about 15 minutes per side to make them even, and one thing you need to know, they are amazing on the grill.

It feels the house with joy and delightful scents of the spinach and pesto, so delicious and wonderful to wake up with such an amazing set of flavors from different styles of cuisines, into your own home. Truly a blessing to eat such an amazing breakfast.

 And to compliment a wonderful, delightful Soja juice, today the flavor we are chosing is Berry Na Na; did you know Na Na in Japanese is the number seven, so maybe there is an allusion to the number seven or the songs of the Beatles to keep the groovy flavor.

It's so delicious and simple flavor, but it has a lot of sugar for something so tiny and pricey; but still, is quite healthy and cheap compared to some of the competitor brands, but you can't put a price something as good as it's with organics and non-gmo and that is cold pressed.

And here we go; a simple yet marvelous breakfast and really easy and quick to make, with organic, Non GMO and Gluten-Free components.

Enjoy and Namaste.!