Sunday, February 9, 2014

Publix US$2.00 Off Coupon With the Purchase of US$2.00

This is a neat little coupon combo for this week; on 2/09/2014 newspaper there as an insert coupon from Publix that was US$2.00 on any fresh meat department purchase.

The nice thing about this, you can actually ask the meat clerk to tare the weight in order to make the meat as cheapest as possible, within the coupon limit; the issue is, I would love to know if it can be used also for some other products of the meat department such as cheese, Oscar Meyer or even the Lunchables.?

As they tend to offer more than fresh meat, on some other packages.

Really Neat Offer At Publix with Windex

Digital Coupon
There is one really neat offer at Publix right now and is almost unadvertised, because it involves mixing a digital coupon alongside with a paper coupon from the insert of (1/12/2014).

So lets start, the first coupon we are going to use is the digital one, you can get them at where you have to register first and then when you go to the register you will use the phone number you selected in order to use the digital coupon.

The digital coupon wont appear until the cashier hits tender and he scans the item;  so when you buy the Windex you will one of the Windex Touch-Up Cleaners for free, that is a saving of US$3.99.

Plus the coupon from the paper, that you see on the graphic that is on the left can be used in conjunction, and you can get a second Windex Touch-Up cleaner for free, making the shopping experience enjoyable because at the end you will be paying less than two dollars for over ten dollars in merchandise.  

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Art of Shopping With Rain Checks - Couponing Tips

There is one important thing when you are buying your groceries, rain checks. I know the idea sounds a little bit off, specially because they can only be acquired if the product you are looking is out of the store.

Yes, they can be annoying to get but at the same time they can be an important key when you stack old sales with new ones, the reason is - some of the sales you can stack with are money makers, depending on where you shop -. Shopping in a smart way can be quite a challenge, but when you organize your trips it shouldn't be an issue.

One neat trick about rain checks is that you can use old coupons (check your store policy, albeit is redundant because the importance of rain checks is to boost the sales and help the customer that couldn't) as well new ones that weren't at the moment of the sale.

I.e. if your rain check says you can get a Pantene shampoo for 2.00 when its regular price is 2.79 you will be paying only ¢.79 but, if during the sale, you get a coupon that you couldn't use and the time limit for the use was short, you will be able to use if it follows the same or similar parameters of the sale; so, if your rain check still active and you saw in the papers there are more coupons for the rain check, you can use them too if they match the sale parameters.

So, another trick to understand when shopping with rain checks is to always keep a list of the previous sales you could have, that were money makers because if your store accept amount discount coupons, mixed with the regular and in-store ones from previous sales, essentially the store will pay you to shop as you can mix several sales from four different weeks (as the time limit for most rain checks are 4 weeks or 30/31 days).

With rain checks you have to remember, the time is four weeks (one month), you can use coupons that are in-store coupons and manufactures, or competitors; but the coupon trinity rule change from store to store and you can use more than one rain check in order to maximize your savings.