Sunday, February 9, 2014

Really Neat Offer At Publix with Windex

Digital Coupon
There is one really neat offer at Publix right now and is almost unadvertised, because it involves mixing a digital coupon alongside with a paper coupon from the insert of (1/12/2014).

So lets start, the first coupon we are going to use is the digital one, you can get them at where you have to register first and then when you go to the register you will use the phone number you selected in order to use the digital coupon.

The digital coupon wont appear until the cashier hits tender and he scans the item;  so when you buy the Windex you will one of the Windex Touch-Up Cleaners for free, that is a saving of US$3.99.

Plus the coupon from the paper, that you see on the graphic that is on the left can be used in conjunction, and you can get a second Windex Touch-Up cleaner for free, making the shopping experience enjoyable because at the end you will be paying less than two dollars for over ten dollars in merchandise.  

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