Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Marketing Approach to the Stupid Damage Caused By the Food Babe

Vani Hari, the Babe
If you know are photogenic, and know how to strike fear by using complex words and invalid assertions that everything you eat will make you sick.

I work in a supermarket, is not a fancy job but it has been my job since I moved to the United States a luster ago; it has helped me to improve my social skills as well the ability to develop methods to interact one on one with customers.

One pattern I'd seen in the last year, is that people spend more money with the premise that organics and certain brands are better. I asked several people where did they got this assumption,? and their answer was by visiting the blog of the Food Babe.

By now, her face is quite familiar up to the point that she is been quoted on several easy-to-digest television shows as well criticized by the medical field for her lack of knowledge and exposing paranoia on the people that everything cause cancer.

Through the different conversations, I noticed that people are paying more for the organics and they are argument that if there aren't GMO's they will be living longer. One reality of the products that are sold in every single supermarket of America is that they will contain GMO's so their shelf life will be longer.

The assertions of the Babe, go more into the public fear; she can easily play an unorthodox sale approach by focusing the masses that read her blog into buying the most expensive product, only with the premise that is healthier. 

Not many people, with a median income of US$13.000 to buy a gallon of milk that cost US$8.00 or eggs that cost US$4.95 andif they want to afford them; just because of the premise that everything is natural then, they have to realize that natural based on the FDA labeling, is a term that has no real meaning such as organic but yet is a big business.

On a marketing approach, the food babe could be used as an unorthodox tool to boost sales of a product or a place, just because she is a figure of power. The damage she has done is not different from the quackery of Dr. Oz, as both are attention whores who are more interested in making money by promoting any snake oil that has a market value with the middle class.   

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