Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Simple Organic Idea for Breakfast: Fusion of Gluten Free Arepa and Non GMO Tofu Spinach Sausage

Namaste my dear friends and readers, I hope you all had a fantastic week. It's been a while since I blogged because some time constraints, but all of that has been solved.

As I mentioned in several post before, I been back at college; continuing my education on Marketing and Finance, and it has been a truly blessing to keep on the path to improve myself and achieve my dreams.

Friends and readers, never give up on your dreams other wise the road will be closed and if you feel your chakras are not aligned, take a minute or to engage into meditation in order to put your mind clear of negative energies.

Today we are going to enjoy a simple breakfast idea, accompanied with a Suja Juice which is really ruci, as well an amazing Colombian arepa which is gluten free, and last but not least two meat free, Non GMO Artisan Tofurky sausages.

Arepas are a wonderful treat from Latin America, essentially they are made of corn and they are delightful to eat at any moments of the day.

I did my research, and they do not contain any transfat or monounsaturated fats, which it's truly amazing albeit there are 80 calories per piece.

You can find the arepas on almost every Latin supermarket and they are usually really cheap to buy.

Cooking the breakfast:

Step One: The first step we are going to do is to preheat a skillet until is really hot; remember to use our organic olive oil as is really important to keep it pure as possible. The olive oil I use is Pompeian, which is the one my abuela used, and I use up to this day.

When the olive oil is hot enough, put carefully inside the arepa; as we are going to use the oil for cooking the sausages also, we are going to pre-heat in a separate saucepan the oil for the sausages.

It's such a beautiful morning here, is fresh and I hear the birds chirping. It will take about 15 minutes per side to make the arepa crisp on each side, because that's the best way to eat one delicious arepa.

This is how you see that the arepa is done; is crispy, is crunchy, like a perfect organic granola. You can smell the flavors of the corn, it will bring you memories of those home cook meals back in your parents house.

You can melt organic, non gmo, vegan cheese over the arepa as it will make a perfect addition. It's just lovely to add such a perfect balance of flavors.

What a perfect side for our arepa and our healthy sausages who are also non-gmo and also made from Tofurky, they are composed of spinach and pesto, and the best part is meat free. I never liked meat, and this amazing NON GMO tofu sausages are amazing and they cook really well and really fast.

As we said previously, cooking this sausages is exactly as the arepas, cook them with hot organic oil. You can find these sausages on the frozen organic section of your supermarket, or in the natural section of the produce area.

Remember to cook the sausages evenly; it will take about 15 minutes per side to make them even, and one thing you need to know, they are amazing on the grill.

It feels the house with joy and delightful scents of the spinach and pesto, so delicious and wonderful to wake up with such an amazing set of flavors from different styles of cuisines, into your own home. Truly a blessing to eat such an amazing breakfast.

 And to compliment a wonderful, delightful Soja juice, today the flavor we are chosing is Berry Na Na; did you know Na Na in Japanese is the number seven, so maybe there is an allusion to the number seven or the songs of the Beatles to keep the groovy flavor.

It's so delicious and simple flavor, but it has a lot of sugar for something so tiny and pricey; but still, is quite healthy and cheap compared to some of the competitor brands, but you can't put a price something as good as it's with organics and non-gmo and that is cold pressed.

And here we go; a simple yet marvelous breakfast and really easy and quick to make, with organic, Non GMO and Gluten-Free components.

Enjoy and Namaste.!

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