Sunday, September 14, 2014

An Open Letter to Vani Hari; You Appeared in an Yellow Newspaper in Colombia, You Stupid Philosophy is Not Compatible

Shills to the left, Shills to the right
Dear Vani, I refuse to call you by your moniker; if someone from your so called army read this I hope that person will repost this to you. My name is Gustavo Calvo, I rather not to use a moniker, albeit many people call me Gus, I am Colombian, by birth and raised there.

As many people from my country, I took the decision to move to the United States because of the lack of opportunities there. I want to tell you, don't be fooled or overglorify the entry/ note in the newspaper El Tiempo, is a third rate newspaper that anyone with someone can be a space and is not a big secret.

The way they describe you as a threat that placed the food industry in jeopardy, is just a big fallacy much as your demagogy. Vani, do you have an idea how terrible it is to live without food,? and mostly with your speech, that is advocating for a marketing trend, to make people to throw away their food while people in my birth country are starving.

You have no idea how terrible is to see someone begging for food, and then to see your cult followers burning perfectly boxes of Mac N Cheese because you said they have "evil GMO's". Is a crime what you are promoting and now because of your cult of personality, and because some sleazy newspaper copy and pasted an old entry from who knows where and poorly translated into Spanish, you think you are becoming famous.? Wrong.

Colombia is such a beautiful country, but advocating for your philosophy is incompatible, people over there have a median per month of US$150, and a mere "organic" food cost around US$3.00 minimum and I am talking a small tea or your dear Suja juices (which by the way, they contain more sugar per volume, than any other drink in the so called naturist section.) Taking out the costs of schooling, transportation, and rent, people make miracles there to survive per day.

As I grew up in Cartagena; I had privileges, but my maternal grandfather who had humble beginnings always while he was alive showed me the importance of having a good meal; but, I didn't understood his words until I reached my 26th birthday and I was forced to leave my parents house after coming out as bisexual; then I understood the importance of my grandfather words "be grateful of every meal you have because not many people are fortunate to have one."

Back in Colombia; I always I traveled many different towns around the coast; over there townships are not as here in the States, they are essentially fishermen village who live in poverty, and much of the time without the help of the government as much of the people here in North America.

I never forget a small town called Pontezuela; on 2005, two and half years before I moved to the States I went there for a school project. It shocked me because I realized some people have nothing, and are happy to share the little they have and yet they never wasted anything. Your so called "self-help philosophy" that is ridden with demagogy contradicts the social problematic that is in a panorama that you don't understand; because this world is not a "big pharma" chemikills conspiracy theory.

This world could be better if we all make a difference, but yet people are quite idiotic and believe the half truths they can't comprehend as a whole. It can be an amazing world if we all make the difference.

Of course there are some foods that aren't exactly healthy, take a look on the Suja is not different from the Hamburger Helpers or the nasty Hawaiian Punch; but they can help people to survive; there are not "big pharma" there are monopolies, which is a negative of the market economy; there are not chemikills or any other thing you promote; but yet, because you are quite photogenic, people firmly believe you.

You recently said that you won't vaccinate yourself and that you rather create an immunity by being exposed to the virus. Are you stupid.? I say yes;  I am not a physician, I am former journalist whose trying to gain a second field of expertise in marketing; and you are not a nutritionist and least an advocate. Do you know how many people die not from Ebola, but from yellow fever.? Do your research, do you know many people can't tolerate a retrovirus in their system because they can get ill.? Again do your research, but let me tell you, my husband is one of them, and I constantly fear for him that he is going to die because some unvaccinated moron believed your diatribe or the antivaxers.

You are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem that America and some people around the world believe; GMO's aren't evil, you are. You are probably wondering, as well if any buffoon of your pseudo army reads this, that I am maybe a hypocrite because of my domain; but so do you, but I am not promoting anything, I am doing this for fun to enjoy the marketing trend of the so called "organic meals", and one last note, check that most of the organic meals are actually filled with the "shit" you are fighting against, and their expiration dates last longer than regular food; oh.! and think something, almost everything in a supermarket is a GMO otherwise you won't be able to get your bananas here in the United States in the middle of December.


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