Monday, September 29, 2014

The Stupidity of the Anti-Vaccine Movement and Why I believe the Importance of Vaccination

Symptoms of Yellow Fever of Colombian Ministry of Health
I am not a doctor or a register nurse, I am a marketer and a communicator, and nothing else. I was born in Colombia and I was born within a family of physicians, I always grew up with the importance of vaccination and also I studied and executed journalism.

I don't believe in the random bullshit you can find in the Internet such as the Food Babe, Vandana Shiva, Natural News (I am not linking them here, as I do not intend giving them hits of any kind) or the Food Hunk, just to name a few morons.

I believe in facts, I don't believe in the conspiracy theorist that say that U.S. government invented diseases such as AIDS as well their cures; that is to take sides on the people who spread the ignorance; show me that the U.S.A. government invented all these shits with official papers, and I will believe it, show me through a peer review that vaccines are evil and the so called terminology of these idiots that the "Big Pharma" are just hiding what they have.

Of course, there are some profits as any other business, but also playing with the ignorance of people is equally as wrong of the theories they are perpetuating. I always as many other people will believe in the importance of vaccination because I believe in survival, also I believe that eradication of diseases is possible. I think and firmly believe that parents who do these kind of gatherings with sick children because they think their children will develop immunity are just quite reckless into exposing their children to diseases that can be treated, and their parental rights should be revoked.

I am tired of listening to these miracle cures of homeopathy, while it has created a monopoly by placing the idea, that their so called "vitamins" are healthier than medication; it's sickening to listening and reading people that they got cure of a genetic condition just by switching their diet into some kind of hippie new age eating habits.

I never heard before about the anti-vaccination movement until I moved into the United States, it baffles me, because in underdeveloped countries where diseases as Malaria that puts 3.2 billion people according to the World Health Organization are at risk, would be grateful to receive the vaccines and treatment to hold a pandemic,

Even in my birth country with the Yellow Fever and Polio, people who are in the marginal sections are just grateful that there is a solution for their health issues; but only in America and Europe would be people idiotic enough to speak shit about vaccines, and how they are linked to autism. If some who is an anti-vax read this, can you explain to me how a neurogenetic condition as autism is linked to the vaccine of the flu or any other.?

Your reasoning is almost a priori, much as if you all were a bunch of three year old kids who are trying to understand the meteorological patterns of the rain but the only thing you can associate is that every time it rains is because your mother placed a hat on her head.

It's almost as all the antivaxers can't associate other realities from their own, because they had never seen them, and they believe all of the world should think as them.

Of course there is always a side of every corner, but the proof that vaccines had helped humanity is undeniable but then facing the side of the so called troll conspirators show how stupid some people can be.

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