Monday, October 13, 2014

Cold Pressed Juices, How Not To Take Some Shit Seriously and a Small Review on Evolultion Juices

I've been wondering how a respectable company could simply place on their label of the products they sell We apply ginormous pressure (instead of heat pasteurizing), then I realize, it's just a trend, a marketing strategy that is plays on the emotions of the people in order to sell more, by demonizing well established processes that kill bacteria such as E. Coli and a few others.

It's quite annoying because people believe that they are doing something good for their bodies, while they are just being squished for their money and nothing else. It seems also that the trend goes into the so called detoxes or cleanses; for me the term cleanse involves going to Taco Bell and eat the beefiest item on their menu in order to clean my colon.

For something that is 16oz and you pay almost US$10, which only contains around six pounds of produce for every 16oz, is a rip-off but yet people enjoy buying because they believe that is healthier and if it has the NON GMO label will be healthier, not to mention just more expensive.

The contemporary debacle of the NON GMO label brings the worst of people, who firmly believe that if their supermarket products contain Non GMO are better, but at the same time they are paying more for something they can get for less if they buy conventional brands. Almost every single product in every supermarket has to contain a Genetic Modified Component in order to survey the trip from one point of the world to the other, as well the long times it spends under border control as well in the warehouse 

As well the importance of the GMO's goes that they keep afloat the principle of trading and commercializing food goods all year long; otherwise on of you would get your Chiquita or Dole Banana in the middle of July. Yet, people seem to not understand that.  Developers won't say anything about how much fruits are placed in the juice, and it's difficult to calculate as not many of the bottles are quite honest, but yet if they don't show it as "healthy" it simply won't sell, as is not a really solid sale point on being honest.

Lets take a look on the Evolution juices, as much as the Suja they are quite simple flavored. They don't offer a real catch, which makes me wonder if the cold pressure kills the flavor of the fruits they pour in the mix.? One thing that worries me is that for something that is healthier as the Evolution juices, they have a 5% of sodium on a 16oz bottle as well 15% of potassium which in theory it should be as healthy as eat a few bananas.

Would I buy this juice again,? probably as I have the money to spend and it's usually on discount where I shop and is quite enjoyable with the hot weather in Florida.

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