Friday, October 10, 2014

#Organicmilknext quite an Idiocy from a Hunk, GMOs' and a Babe

Whenever I think that I heard everything, something new just pop out; and even if this event happened a week ago, it made me realize that he so called hacktivism, or cyber activism is just a waste of effort on how the newer generations really think that with the push of a "Like" will do something.

I won't even do anything with my blog, I am just a crazy guy who blogs, such as the Modern Alternative Mama, The Fraud Boob, The Hunk and just to name a few others; the only difference and I admit it, I don't give crazy advice's to people who could be potentially fatal, as I am pro-vaccine and I love going to Starbucks.

It made me wonder if the organizer of this campaign, from GMOiNSiDE! sit down to think that the inclusion of an overpriced trendy milk, such as organic milk, and every other organic product will create some unnecessary cost to the already expensive coffee Starbucks serve, but yet do they even realize that some stores do offer organic soy milk on their most expensive drinks,? as an alternative for the people who are lactose intolerant.

From a monetary and retail perspective, #organicmilknext is just a mere hypocrisy; people could sit down in front of their computers, give a feedback to the campaign, make a shitty excuse and then go and enjoy an overpriced Venti  Frappuccino.

Let's analyze something, Starbucks revenue on 2013 was US$14.89 Billions vs. the so called #Foodbabearmy which is barely 400.000 people who are dispersed world wide; if we take a notice on how the Food Babe status only have a fraction of those 400.000 fanatics who compose her army, and she barely gets 8.000 likes up to 12.000 per post, which if we compare to the comments there are barely 600 hundred which we can refine her number of her army into around a 1000 people, who don't know what is to be an activist in real life, outside their computer screens.

Proud to be a Healthy Shill
So, if we use the Erin Brokovich Fallacy, it's almost impossible for one person to overthrow an organization if there is no crime, but also this forms of protest show how shallow people can be, as well ignorant; because, if we go on the argument "That if I can't pronounce it don't eat," then we wouldn't be able to drink water or eat peanut butter.

The Babe and The Hunk had shown so many times, how fragile the society can be, because they tend to follow everything two photogenic people said and do; or in the case of crazy lunatic Vandana Shiva and her overgrowing Bindi, which I firmly believe is not a Bindi but a tumor that is playing with her brain; we are watching how idiotic people can be, because these so called nutrition experts are no experts on the fields they promulgate and preach.

In the meantime we can focus on real causes, such as supporting micro-credits and letting family mom-pops business to grow and help local economies; just to name a few examples instead of whining to Starbucks to put organic milk. 

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