Monday, October 6, 2014

Suja Very Simple But Extremely Expensive Product Review

During the last month with all the hype due the Food Babe, promoting the so called refreshing, juices named Suja. I have a belief that try everything about food, at least once in your lifetime.

As many of my products that I try, I got this one on Whole Foods. Probably I've passed that product several times as it's not really flashy with the exception of the intense colors of the juices.

I ended up buying Berry Nana and Mango Magic, albeit the company offers different flavors. There is nothing special about the flavors of the juices, they are actually quite plain, and for US$3.46 per bottle (and each bottle is only 12 FL OZ) you could expect a little bit more of a hint, instead of something that essentially is bland and I could do it from my own home.

The company got his position on the market due the not so orthodox actions of the Internet persona named The Food Babe (I refuse to add a direct link, or reblog any entry from her website) after saying the juice was healthy.

Let's face it, for a bottle that contains 345 mL of juice, contains 190 calories, which technically that is half of the nutritional value of the juice, as well it has 43 grams of sugar, which for a small bottle, that is promoted as healthy, is no difference from a lunch-box container of Nestle Juicy Juice, that parents send in their kids' lunchboxes.

Yet, the flavor of the juice is quite bland and it has a lot of sugar; albeit I bet the developers would say that amount of sugar comes from the organic ingredients. A little hint of sugar, even if is organic wouldn't be bad to improve the flavor of the juices, as well take out the kale of someone of them, as it just add a nasty after taste.

Would I recommend to someone this product,? and would I buy it again.? Neither of them, I rather spend my money on something else, that has more flavor and is tastier than this overpriced product.

As well I would recommend to minimize the use of the fonts on the package design, as it doesn't look professional, it looks as it was developed by a kindergarten student who is learning to draw and not a graphic designer, that is trying to evoke the feelings of natural and wellness.  

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