Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Bullshit of Homeopathy, Holistic and Modern Alternative Mama Part One

Another Form of Bullshit: Faith
Homeopathy can come on different forms and shapes; much as the body of a person. A feel good pseudoscience we may say, that will pull your money out and leave you dead at the very end.

As many stories that can relate to the different forms of this pseudoscience, let's start with a personal anecdotal evidence (mine, of course,) when I was 16 years old I had a third overdose with medications, I won't deny that I was suicidal and I am always happy that my last attempt wasn't successful.

You can learn from any experience, and you can always find a way to push yourself or just stay still and never evolve. As I destroyed my intestinal system, my rationality opened a little bit as well my thirst of knowledge, I had another chance in life that I couldn't waste.

You probably wonder why I tried to commit suicide several times.? Family issues and I was having personal problems on accepting my own identity and sexuality.

My family were extremely religious, I simply wasn't; I started to see the world on a different light, to learn about the scientific method and learning that even if science hasn't got all the answers it offers a consensus of different sources, opposite to religion who only offer one from all the so-called truths. After several months of abdominal and gastrointestinal inconveniences, my maternal grandmother decided to took my to a faith healing mass at the local parish.

I always will believe that religion can be a part of someone, but it's something that shouldn't define a person as a whole. That was probably one of the last times I put a foot inside a church, and my apathy grew. The church was full, at that moment I wasn't aware of the term of homeopathy and I wasn't going to be until a few years later, and realized that faith healing is just another form of the vast spectrum of this crap.

The church wasn't very different from the Pentecostal reunions that my grandmother considered a dirty form of Christianity (hence to say, my family was Catholic), there was music and people were passing the pulpit and screaming that Jesus healed them; or formed prayer circles and tried to vanquish the diseases. It's not difficult to understand, that certain social activities can improve the patient's well being; but without the treatment, there is nothing to do.

My grandmother asked several times to raise my hands and start praying and singing; I refused, I was bedazzled by such behavior. Why people start saying all those things towards they were healed towards the holy ghost.? My only conclusion, even if there was some degree of education, there were the social taboos that people had to accept religion as a must part of their lives.

One of the moments of the night, a woman named Doris Naizir claimed that her cancer was in remission; she started a moment of praying, where almost every one was thanking God for her recuperation. That moment marked my life, because I used to go to the same school that her son went back in Cartagena, Colombia. Also, it was the first time I heard the word cancer and I saw a patient who had lost her hair due chemo and radiation.

Her image on the pulpit it's still vivid on my mind, almost 16 years later. She died 1 year later, as from what I heard from my mother and my grandmother that she never went back to the healing services. I asked both "If God heals, why then he doesn't heal everyone equally.? Why it gave all these shit to people who don't deserve it.?" My mother replied, that everyone has their time limit on this Earth and that God is perfect.

I was 17 when I stop embracing any form of organized religion, and started to read about the so called alternative healing methods; and I wasn't impressed at all, up to that years later when I moved to Brandon, Fl; and, I was involved in a car accident and my lawyer recommended me to go to one of their chiropractors, I asked him if I could go to a physical therapist instead of that charlatan. His answer was no; as it would look good that I went to an specialist.

I asked him, since when specialist are chiropractors.? They don't do anything, and after my first session, and researching that the so called medical group I went, worked with my lawyer as an extension of the business, I told him "I will refuse to call him a doctor." and never did, and up to this day; I refuse to call anyone who profess these miracle cures or treatments, with any honorific because they don't deserve it.

The difference between Latin America and North America, is that people are more grateful with doctors on the South than in the North; I never heard over there any bullshit such as vaccines cause autism, or any of the shit of Natural News, even someone as Jenny McCarthy would be consider a nut job because of her statement. It wasn't until I moved here to the States that I saw that almost every supermarket and pharmacy has their own holistic and "natural section" which much of the time in the supermarkets, is just on the same aisle of the conventional medicines.

Maybe people grew to be stupider, maybe I was blind when I was in Colombia, and only reacted when I was fully awake but what really pissed me off is that an idiot that self-named herself "Modern Alternative Mama" decides to follow all the bullshit from this fallen new age ideology.? And then taking her toddler son to a chiropractor before a pediatrician, after he broke his arm while crawling. These situations just made wonder, why people listen to all these loons.? I have no clue.

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