Monday, October 20, 2014

The Catharsis of Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods, Dale Mabry
From a consumers point of view, going to Whole Foods for the very first time it is almost as experience catharsis or Nirvana, but going there from a perspective aiming retail marketing analysis, you are in retail heaven.

The store is almost as possible to a marketer could experience bliss on Earth. Whole Foods is almost a complete antithesis of the supermarkets in Florida, even the most traditional ones around the State; employees don't wear uniform, there is individuality, there is upbeat music as well a clean environment that mix that classic supermarket with a coffee house as well a small cafeteria.

The environment itself is almost surreal, as it was everything but a supermarket, it's much as a hip place who doesn't even offer plastic bags in the Florida market, where almost every local supermarket has plastic bags by proxy.

Supermarkets in Florida should rethink their marketing strategy to attract a new segment of the population, that had experienced an economical boom in the last couple of years, as well how to keep regular customers coming and generating profit for the company. There should be a strategy towards local supermarket chains in the Sunshine State to keep with the globalization and ever changing tastes of the population, because we are not in the 1950's and the visual displays of the store should attract new customers as well with the quality of the products.

As it was said, the environment is surreal, the colors that decorate the store are flashy and trendy, they go from a yellow palette to green, but also evoke a natural feeling that is not a supermarket held by a corporation but rather a small neighborhood store, as well it gives an alternative vibe to conventionalism.

Kale Krunch
I was a newcomer until today, and it amused me, as I spent probably an hour walking around the aisles and checking every single product. They offer items that aren't common in every supermarket, as well the sale products using locally grown items; but, it made thought about the sustainability of organics vs. standard agriculture.? Also, It made me realize the impact other stores could generate, even if they are a national chain, if they support local family farms versus importation of services as well outsourcing.

On a sales perspective they are aiming to an specific set of customers; which involve eco-friendly individuals as well giving vegans and vegetarians a safe heaven to shop. The music on the supermarket is trendy, it's new, it is not from the late 1990's, it compliments the experience of shopping there, as well with the mood of the store.

A very blurry photo of Deli
The deli was amazing to watch; the meat was clean cut, and even the employees who worked in close proximity handling the food had beards; which not many supermarkets in Florida, even traditional ones, permit to their employees.

Yet the problem of a store who had a philosophy of animal rights, as well a clientele who advocate for fair trade and animal right; but yet, a business can not close their doors to any possible revenue. Yet; the quality of the products is amazing to the eyes and the palate.

One tiny aspect that could be changed it's their position to homeopathic approach, not only on their "health and goods sections" but also on their little magazine rack that offers a holistic approach to certain treatments that can be life threatening, as well promoting Dr. Oz which as by 10/21 everyone knows he was on a hearing on  June of the present year, due his false advertisement on weight-loss products.

A company image could be damaged just by associating themselves with a quack like Dr. Oz, and it's more socially responsible to promote and back-up peer reviewed medicine, that has valid treatments instead of snakes oils; because you can eat and live healthy without compromising your health or the health of others.  

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