Monday, November 3, 2014

Can the Middle-Class American Survive Buying Organics.?

Frozen Organic Green Beans
The answer is no. I been doing an experiment for the last month, that I am not repeating, trying to maximize my income when buying organics, and the results aren't as catastrophic as I would imagine but there are other solutions to buy food, go where the savings are.

There is no proof that organics are healthier; they are just a trend as everything else that is on the market, but is worth trying if you have the chance, as you can see the variety of products that are there for the consumers.

The problem is, whenever you eat a product that has a philosophy, you are paying for the philosophy or the cartoon, whenever you can find the conventional product on a supermarket for a lower price and it will be as equally good.

My experiment started on the 10/03/2014 and ended today (11/03/2014), My median is US$13.000 annually and I don't have any children; so is only me and my better half. Taking out the fluctuating electric bill, water, gas and other expenses we barely have US$70.00 for food, and no we do not have food stamps.

Organics are usually twice as expensive, sometimes they contain the same amount but you pay more (and this is not an issue quality over quantity) and sometimes you are just paying for the envelop or container; while some private regular brands cost a quarter of the prices. If we go on anecdotal evidence, I went to a small farmers market organized by the Whole Foods in the area, first time I ever go to one, it was tiny and only had 14 tents in a really cramped space, A dozen eggs at Wal-Mart I would pay US$2.00 even at Publix or Windixie; but why I decided to pay US$6.00 besides helping the local business, or a from a farm that is not far away from my house that I never heard before.? The answer is simple, I wanted to try and get the perceptions on why people do it, why they pay more for essentially the message.?

It's because exclusivity and lack of literacy; even with money, consumers can be ignorant and they can go for any alarmist trends, that will persuade them to buy less and pay more, such as paying attention to the Food Babe or Natural News (which I am starting to believe is almost as the Daily Currant, and is been trolling people for quite a while now.)

Middle-Class America can't afford it, it's ridicule, you can go and take a look and you will see how many people flood a Walmart to a less conventional one that sells the philosophy of organics; it's unrealistically speaking, that a mother or a single father of one or two, would be able to buy a US¢99 lbs organic bananas, that they can't split and they have to buy whole, considering that there are two pounds, the consumer will be paying with a 7% taxes around US$9.97 for measly two pounds; which by that amount you can buy at least 10 frozen meals plus taxes.

Would I continue buying some organics.? Yes, there are some products that I had enjoy such as dark chocolate, but nothing would change my perception of ingesting in a frenzy a really heavy greasy pizza; but, what about the people who are involved in this trend, that they see it as an ultimate truth.? One day they will see what is about.

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