Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dear Modern Alternative Mama, Stop Spreading Misinformation on Vaccines

Dear Modern Alternative Mama;

There are moments where I can say - You are quite an unique person, because it takes a special kind of moron who is not a physician in order to affirm and recommend readers "whether they choose to vaccinate or not to vaccinate." Yes, I took the liberty to save the paragraph as a photo, in order to share the stupidity.

I am going to assume you have never been in contact outside your neighborhood, from any other reality. I am going to assume you had never traveled aboard and faced an epidemic or at least a case of Yellow Fever or Tuberculosis; which on your philosophy you don't need to vaccinate, because we can find alternative methods.

Besides Vani Hari, Mercola and Shiva; you have a special place in my heart among the idiots who promote fearmongering; but also, on the special kind that promote anti-vaccination.

Have you ever experienced polio, any tropical diseases, Malaria.? The list is long, but you opened my eyes, that anti-vaxxers are an invention from developed countries as the United States.

I can't understand why parents chose to not vaccinate, I can understand that some people lay on the premises of fallacies and easy answers, but please stop spreading this kind of bullshit, because there is not such as thing as big pharma that you profess. I can give you a reply to one of your entries, about growing up unvaccinated as well another article that no one can't make you vaccinate.

First, if you are going to travel abroad, beyond America and Canada, many countries will request you to get vaccinated in order to prevent any pandemics or bring any virus, they can deny you the entrance of a country; even tourists who want to acquire a traveling visa they need to get vaccinated or face denial from any consulate. Also, you said about the reality of growing up unvaccinated. Let me give you an answer, My better half, I am happy he reached his 30th birthday but his immune system is weak and any fever can essentially kill him; there is no day I am happy I am vaccinated but I fear for him, because you know Modern Alternative Mama, people like you decide to spread the bullshit without even have the basic chemistry knowledge about the compounds, allergy epidemology or any basic in science.

I really hope any of children live beyond their 30th birthdays, because I can assume you already made a few mistakes.


Friday, December 12, 2014

Nutella Brownie Bites in Three Easy Steps

A simple dessert
Hello my readers, today we are going to continue with the bakery thematic we are going to do a simple recipe of brownie bites made with Nutella, accompanied by chocolate ice-cream and a string of whip cream.

  • 1 Cup of Nutella.
  • 2 Eggs.
  • 10 tablespoons of flour.
The dough

Steps to do it:

1. Preheat the oven at 350
2. Place the eggs first, then the flour and last the Nutella. Make the mix even, where there are no signs of the of the flour.
3. Spread the mix into the container of your preference and let it cook for about half an hour.

Let it cool down before you enjoy and that's it. Place the ice-cream on the side and add some extra Nutella on the top.

One cool thing you can do it's to add Nutella on the top, let them cool overnight and you will have a nice treat for early morning.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Vani Hari Now She Wants Some Free Taco Bell

Dear Vani;

You never ease to amuse me, the use of pseudo-scientific references in order to promulgate your propaganda shows how much how erroneous you can be; such as placing the demi-chemistry website "" as one of your main sources which I am going to assume you use as a maximum truth in your "investigations," is OK I also use something in my investigations - going to school and learn what I am talking about.-

Why are you obsessed with turning everything into the raw-organic fad.? Yes, it is a fad, a marketing fad that is appealing to people who want to feel better about their eating habits or people who think that are saving the planets by buying organics.

You have Chipotle and Whole Foods.? Now you want to go to Taco Bell,? and you said you never go there. What is your interest,? A free meal, maybe.? Because, you don't care about readers, you only care about he hits your blog gets and how much exposition you can get on television or anywhere, but then again the only attention whore on my blog is the Taco Bell chihuahua.

I don't even read the verbal diarrhea you wrote again on a full basis, because I am already laughing hard enough, just thinking on how your entourage who much of them have no clue about chemistry as you, will start analyzing the components on their Chalupas or Burritos. Which by the way, I am heading tomorrow and retweeting a photo of myself on your Twitter, as I already got banned from Facebook (as other probably 4,000 people from Shill Army)

Where the hell you get your information;? because much of he companies aren't that stupid to give away their ingredients to the competition and yet less to discuss it openly with someone who shows signs of extortion in order to get money and fame. Who knows but in the meantime Vani and the Food Babe Army, Yo quiero Taco Bell.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Why People Love To Buy on Supermarkets With Ideology

Whole Foods
From the economical perspective, a supermarket has to be a place where goods and services are offered and purchased; from the marketing perspective is not very different, as is also the place where companies try to position their products on the premium spots and consolidate their brands; but, also a supermarket can offer catharsis.

Whole Foods from the marketing point of view is an amazing place, as the atmosphere is almost surreal, and even urban. The only issue with Whole Foods, is that their emphasis on the "alternative" or better say pseudo science within some of their products.

The store at plain sight is not very different from any other stores, there is a parking lot, a facade and the exterior decoration. Inside the customer realize that there is an aim on urban trends, as on the inner decorations there is some shades of modernism as well employees can express individuality on their personal image.

Some aisle
As soon you start walking around or better say you notice what is around, you will there is a lot of products with philosophy; useless NON-GMO, USDA Organic, Vegan verified, Gluten Free stickers; as well magazines and books with the "alternative treatment ideologies." As every supermarket rules on their own ideology, they can sell their own products.

Some supermarket who go within the Christian eschatology, they will sell books related through prayer healing as well prayers, or stories from the Bible. The problem goes when there is an imposition of a truth as being hold as ultimate, and trying to show customers that they can skip their doctors visit or nutritionist instead by following a fad that doctors didn't told you.

Who cares if a product is Genetically Modified or Engineered.? Only some kind of poser who believes everything that reads on the internet, and that's the reason people enjoy going to supermarkets who profess an ideology, because they give them a sense of belonging and the place encourage their woo ideologies, as if they were the ultimate truth.

On a segmented demographics, it's not bad to have places as Whole Food or Trader Joe's, where they carve a niche for vegetarian and vegan customers; but then finding places such as the one mentioned who endorse Dr. Oz (or shall we say the American version of Dr. Who, named Dr. Woo.); homeopathy, as medicine in their medicine aisle (which they are the most expensive sugar pill ever) as well they sell essential oils and aromatherapy. Which essential oils aren't going to cure you from acid reflux or diarrhea.

It's the environment that can be absorbing, but yet exclusive from people who see that creating a hysteria towards GMO is just part of the problem and shows that is just an environment aimed to first world customers, who probably much of them have no clue about the hunger situation that is happening around the world and how biotech has helped to find a solution even not on a short term, because from a evolutionary biology point of view much of what we consume had to be modified in order to reach the shelves, which made those stupid labels and stickers items of no value and part of the problem that perpetuates the myths.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Clones of the Food Bae, the Food Angel

It seems imitation is the most sincere form of flattery; but after having, a ranger, a babe, a banana girl, a woman with a Vindi who I firmly believe is a tumor and now we have an angel.? Why people who should be respectable aren't going online.?

Everyone of us, can create a difference, and even if we in essence have the same message, is the author who can give a benefit to improve the life of other people or entertain in a nice way, without using any pseudo-scientific notions.

"You can't please anyone, you aren't a jar of Nutella," but you can't find a way to be honest and keep the knowledge as an ethical element, where people will find you unique from the rest. Having an online presence is not easy, but crafting an online image where you can surround yourself with people that have a good ethos not only in chemistry, biochemistry, marketing or whatever science they feel keen, you can generate a difference not only with your viewers but also with yourself because you will be in a constant process of learning.

My site could be a clone of many, just another one of thousands; in fact, this website started as a school project around four years ago, I stopped for about two years because I wasn't sure what to do after I had to stop my education for around 24 months, and then I realized is not about imitation but being true to who I am, and I started this website as a small independent marketing project where I can aim to a segment who are lazy to cook but enjoy life, and all of those delicious things you can make at home, as well to analyze fads and trends, because I am amplifying my education in communications, finances and human relations.

Much of these woo-trends who follow an easy way, filled with easy answers, without a reality, had been for centuries and they will continue; but one of them will emerge, and it can cause a different because it won't offer easy solutions but it will appeal to any potential viewers by being honest and using a language that will get to the masses.

Between the Food Babe, The Food Angel, just to name a few, there aren't big differences, they all look alike. Photogenic people who have a way to reach people through their image, as well with incredible claims that you can find on supermarket magazines about miracle cures or superfoods. Which neither of them exist, beyond a moderate diet, a good metabolism, keeping regular visits to your physician and exercising without using any fads but assisted by professionals.

I won't go into healthy leaving, or professing knowledge that I don't know or do I lack, I rather entertain people, show them easy recipes, let them love food without recurring into woo; because life is too short to be someone else and not to enjoy something delicious.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Dear Vani, this is Not About Hate, This About Your Unrealistic Truth

Dear Vani;

As Dr. Kevin Folta, I am also from Florida but I was born and raised in Cartagena, Colombia. As you can imagine English is not my first language, but probably my third; and as you I am not a dietitian, physician, nutritionist or from any medical field; in fact I find annoying when you said - I am an investigator -, you are wrong, you are neither on the hills of being one, I used to work before I moved as a journalist, and I had to research everything towards the news I gave towards the socio-political climate of the city.

Now I am making salads and subs; but I been in Florida for the last six years, soon to be seven as soon January the 1st arrives.

Also I have profound admiration for the Science Babe, Chow Babe, Food Hunk, Kavin Senapathy and Dr. Kevin Folta (Which I hope I can do my Masters in Education at the University of Florida.) This is not an attack to you, even if there are some trolls who use the shill army name, just to attack you; I read partially your entry, the last one I took a screen cap, why I read it partially.? Because it was too damn boring and filled with false pretenses, in order to show you as a martyr; you know from every point of view there is also a contraposition, or as in science call a peer review, but it seems you can't accept being analyzed, and you call that an attack.

From the members of the shill army there are several scientist and people related to the medical profession, such as the Science Babe, Kavin, Kevin and as far as I know one of the administrators of Banned by the Food Babe, which the ranks keeps growing, because people are seeking a better understanding, and different groups are giving them the answer and the chance to debate.

Why you don't want to debate Vani.? Are you scared that you are going to lose, or that you won't be able to give a proper answer and face ridicule.? It shows what the NPR said was true, you are a fear-monger individual who profits on the new wave of pseudo science and the ignorance from the median class not only in America, but around the world.

You could be a different personality, you could make an actual difference, and I am saying this from what I am studying, Marketing perspective. You have all the elements to be a personality that an shine, as you fit in the photogenic category and you know your speech, but instead you use to ban people who want to engage in debate; you made some extreme conspiracy stories about that us we are being paid by biotech or pharmaceutical companies, in order to defame you, show us the proof, because you are damaging the reputation of people with lies and no proof.

Having concrete proof is part of being an investigator, and that you are going to be peer reviewed forms part of being an authentic investigator, and not being reviewed by other people who share the same philosophy such as Vandana Shiva, or Natural News; to put what you found within a respectable body of people, who through the scientific method will discern your findings, but you are scared, because ignorance is part of the fear someone could have when they don't know how to rebut the opposition is wrong.

Sincerely, Gus Calvo,
A soldier of the Shill Army.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes Easy Recipe

Chocolate Chip Pancakes
There is something really nice about making pancakes from scratch; and essentially is really cheaper to buy the ingredients separate on a long term, instead of buying the pre-made mix. 

I have to confess, on a consumers point of view, there are some quite good brands out there, and they are really cheap and they cost around US$2.99 and even less; but if you make the mix from scratch you can save the money of the packages, because you will have the basic ingredients in the house.

Remember you can replace all the ingredients with what you like, instead of using eggs you can find a substitute, such as apples or potatoes; the milk can be replaced by coconut milk, soy or almond 


  • 2 cups of 365 wheat flour.
  • 1 cup of semi sweet chocolate chips.
  • 2 tablespoons of baking powder.
  • 2 eggs.
  • 1/4 cup butter, melted.
  • 3 tablespoons of brown sugar.
  • 1 tablespoon of Kosher salt.
What you'll need to do:

  1. Melt the butter, and keep it separated.
  2. Mix the flour, baking powder, sugar and salt.
  3. Combine the eggs and melted butter to the milk. Mix them well.
  4. Add the milk, eggs, butter mix slowly into the dry mix and stir the dry mix while you add the moist one, doing clockwise movements.
  5. After you get a firm batter; add the chocolate chips and mix them until you get them incorporate it with the pancake batter
  6. Let the mix sit, while you wait until the pan is hot enough.
  7. Add one handful of the batter to the pan, cook until you see both sides golden colored. It will take around 2 minutes per side, depending on your stove capacity; and that's it, add syrup when you finish and whip cream on the top and enjoy.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

An Easy Milkshake Recipe

Chocolate-chip Milkshake
What I love about milkshakes is that they are simple to make, as well they are quite elegant towards the presentation the maker gave to them; and the best think you can prepare them with items you find in your house.


  1. 2 Cups of milk. You could use only one in order to make the milkshake thicker.
  2. 8 Tablespoon of brown sugar.
  3. 6 Cups of the ice-cream you enjoy the most.
  4. 1/4 Cup Semisweet chocolate morsels.
  5. Whip cream to taste

The first step we are going to do, is to melt the chips; place them inside a microwave safe bowl. The reason we are doing this, is because we are going to spread the melted chocolate inside the mugs we can use and place them on the cooler for about an hour until they are hard enough, but also we are going to melt them, to place some of it on the top of the whip cream as decoration

After this step is done we are going to pour 2 cups of milk inside the blender; after that we are going to add the ice-cream; after that sugar and we will blend until the consistency is creamy and foamy.

When the chocolate is hard enough, pull the cup out and serve. Spread in circular patterns the whip cream on the top and add some of the melted chocolate that wasn't frozen, and that's it, you just got yourself a milkshake.