Sunday, December 7, 2014

Clones of the Food Bae, the Food Angel

It seems imitation is the most sincere form of flattery; but after having, a ranger, a babe, a banana girl, a woman with a Vindi who I firmly believe is a tumor and now we have an angel.? Why people who should be respectable aren't going online.?

Everyone of us, can create a difference, and even if we in essence have the same message, is the author who can give a benefit to improve the life of other people or entertain in a nice way, without using any pseudo-scientific notions.

"You can't please anyone, you aren't a jar of Nutella," but you can't find a way to be honest and keep the knowledge as an ethical element, where people will find you unique from the rest. Having an online presence is not easy, but crafting an online image where you can surround yourself with people that have a good ethos not only in chemistry, biochemistry, marketing or whatever science they feel keen, you can generate a difference not only with your viewers but also with yourself because you will be in a constant process of learning.

My site could be a clone of many, just another one of thousands; in fact, this website started as a school project around four years ago, I stopped for about two years because I wasn't sure what to do after I had to stop my education for around 24 months, and then I realized is not about imitation but being true to who I am, and I started this website as a small independent marketing project where I can aim to a segment who are lazy to cook but enjoy life, and all of those delicious things you can make at home, as well to analyze fads and trends, because I am amplifying my education in communications, finances and human relations.

Much of these woo-trends who follow an easy way, filled with easy answers, without a reality, had been for centuries and they will continue; but one of them will emerge, and it can cause a different because it won't offer easy solutions but it will appeal to any potential viewers by being honest and using a language that will get to the masses.

Between the Food Babe, The Food Angel, just to name a few, there aren't big differences, they all look alike. Photogenic people who have a way to reach people through their image, as well with incredible claims that you can find on supermarket magazines about miracle cures or superfoods. Which neither of them exist, beyond a moderate diet, a good metabolism, keeping regular visits to your physician and exercising without using any fads but assisted by professionals.

I won't go into healthy leaving, or professing knowledge that I don't know or do I lack, I rather entertain people, show them easy recipes, let them love food without recurring into woo; because life is too short to be someone else and not to enjoy something delicious.

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