Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dear Modern Alternative Mama, Stop Spreading Misinformation on Vaccines

Dear Modern Alternative Mama;

There are moments where I can say - You are quite an unique person, because it takes a special kind of moron who is not a physician in order to affirm and recommend readers "whether they choose to vaccinate or not to vaccinate." Yes, I took the liberty to save the paragraph as a photo, in order to share the stupidity.

I am going to assume you have never been in contact outside your neighborhood, from any other reality. I am going to assume you had never traveled aboard and faced an epidemic or at least a case of Yellow Fever or Tuberculosis; which on your philosophy you don't need to vaccinate, because we can find alternative methods.

Besides Vani Hari, Mercola and Shiva; you have a special place in my heart among the idiots who promote fearmongering; but also, on the special kind that promote anti-vaccination.

Have you ever experienced polio, any tropical diseases, Malaria.? The list is long, but you opened my eyes, that anti-vaxxers are an invention from developed countries as the United States.

I can't understand why parents chose to not vaccinate, I can understand that some people lay on the premises of fallacies and easy answers, but please stop spreading this kind of bullshit, because there is not such as thing as big pharma that you profess. I can give you a reply to one of your entries, about growing up unvaccinated as well another article that no one can't make you vaccinate.

First, if you are going to travel abroad, beyond America and Canada, many countries will request you to get vaccinated in order to prevent any pandemics or bring any virus, they can deny you the entrance of a country; even tourists who want to acquire a traveling visa they need to get vaccinated or face denial from any consulate. Also, you said about the reality of growing up unvaccinated. Let me give you an answer, My better half, I am happy he reached his 30th birthday but his immune system is weak and any fever can essentially kill him; there is no day I am happy I am vaccinated but I fear for him, because you know Modern Alternative Mama, people like you decide to spread the bullshit without even have the basic chemistry knowledge about the compounds, allergy epidemology or any basic in science.

I really hope any of children live beyond their 30th birthdays, because I can assume you already made a few mistakes.


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