Saturday, December 6, 2014

Dear Vani, this is Not About Hate, This About Your Unrealistic Truth

Dear Vani;

As Dr. Kevin Folta, I am also from Florida but I was born and raised in Cartagena, Colombia. As you can imagine English is not my first language, but probably my third; and as you I am not a dietitian, physician, nutritionist or from any medical field; in fact I find annoying when you said - I am an investigator -, you are wrong, you are neither on the hills of being one, I used to work before I moved as a journalist, and I had to research everything towards the news I gave towards the socio-political climate of the city.

Now I am making salads and subs; but I been in Florida for the last six years, soon to be seven as soon January the 1st arrives.

Also I have profound admiration for the Science Babe, Chow Babe, Food Hunk, Kavin Senapathy and Dr. Kevin Folta (Which I hope I can do my Masters in Education at the University of Florida.) This is not an attack to you, even if there are some trolls who use the shill army name, just to attack you; I read partially your entry, the last one I took a screen cap, why I read it partially.? Because it was too damn boring and filled with false pretenses, in order to show you as a martyr; you know from every point of view there is also a contraposition, or as in science call a peer review, but it seems you can't accept being analyzed, and you call that an attack.

From the members of the shill army there are several scientist and people related to the medical profession, such as the Science Babe, Kavin, Kevin and as far as I know one of the administrators of Banned by the Food Babe, which the ranks keeps growing, because people are seeking a better understanding, and different groups are giving them the answer and the chance to debate.

Why you don't want to debate Vani.? Are you scared that you are going to lose, or that you won't be able to give a proper answer and face ridicule.? It shows what the NPR said was true, you are a fear-monger individual who profits on the new wave of pseudo science and the ignorance from the median class not only in America, but around the world.

You could be a different personality, you could make an actual difference, and I am saying this from what I am studying, Marketing perspective. You have all the elements to be a personality that an shine, as you fit in the photogenic category and you know your speech, but instead you use to ban people who want to engage in debate; you made some extreme conspiracy stories about that us we are being paid by biotech or pharmaceutical companies, in order to defame you, show us the proof, because you are damaging the reputation of people with lies and no proof.

Having concrete proof is part of being an investigator, and that you are going to be peer reviewed forms part of being an authentic investigator, and not being reviewed by other people who share the same philosophy such as Vandana Shiva, or Natural News; to put what you found within a respectable body of people, who through the scientific method will discern your findings, but you are scared, because ignorance is part of the fear someone could have when they don't know how to rebut the opposition is wrong.

Sincerely, Gus Calvo,
A soldier of the Shill Army.

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