Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Vani Hari Now She Wants Some Free Taco Bell

Dear Vani;

You never ease to amuse me, the use of pseudo-scientific references in order to promulgate your propaganda shows how much how erroneous you can be; such as placing the demi-chemistry website "truthinlabels.org" as one of your main sources which I am going to assume you use as a maximum truth in your "investigations," is OK I also use something in my investigations - going to school and learn what I am talking about.-

Why are you obsessed with turning everything into the raw-organic fad.? Yes, it is a fad, a marketing fad that is appealing to people who want to feel better about their eating habits or people who think that are saving the planets by buying organics.

You have Chipotle and Whole Foods.? Now you want to go to Taco Bell,? and you said you never go there. What is your interest,? A free meal, maybe.? Because, you don't care about readers, you only care about he hits your blog gets and how much exposition you can get on television or anywhere, but then again the only attention whore on my blog is the Taco Bell chihuahua.

I don't even read the verbal diarrhea you wrote again on a full basis, because I am already laughing hard enough, just thinking on how your entourage who much of them have no clue about chemistry as you, will start analyzing the components on their Chalupas or Burritos. Which by the way, I am heading tomorrow and retweeting a photo of myself on your Twitter, as I already got banned from Facebook (as other probably 4,000 people from Shill Army)

Where the hell you get your information;? because much of he companies aren't that stupid to give away their ingredients to the competition and yet less to discuss it openly with someone who shows signs of extortion in order to get money and fame. Who knows but in the meantime Vani and the Food Babe Army, Yo quiero Taco Bell.

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