Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Vegetarian Honeycrisp Bread Recipe

Honecrip Wheat Bread
(11/23/2015) Tampa, Fl --- Hello my few readers and occasional ones. I haven't wrote in a while but I've been busy. This recipe is really easy to make and it can be a good hit within any dinner as well Thanksgiving.

  • 1 cup of butter, at room temperature or just melted in the micro-wave. Silken tofu can be an option. 
  • 2 cups of turbinado sugar. 
  • 4 eggs or if you want to go vegan, here are some substitutes
  • 4 cups of flour. 
  • 4 teaspoons of baking soda. 
  • 1 teaspoon of salt. 
  • 4 teaspoons of ground cinnamon. 
  • 4 Honeycrip's apples (remember to peel the skin, take the core out and chop them). 


  1. Preheat oven to 350 °F 
  2. Grease evenly the pan you are going to use. 
  3. In a bowl melt the butter or let it rest at room temperature. 
  4. In a bowl beat the eggs or if you are taking the vegan step, mash Silken tofu, 
  5. Cream the butter (tofu) and sugar; you will know they are ready when they have a creamy and smooth consistency. 
  6. Sift the flour, baking powder, salt and cinnamon. 
  7. The apples can be mashed until they have the consistency of a paste or you can cut them a la Julianne and add them to the mix. 
  8. Add step six first to the mix with the apples, leave last the eggs as you mix the batter slowly but consistently. 
  9. Transfer the mix into the greased or oiled pan. 
  10. Bake it for about an hour, or until you insert a toothpick or knife and any of those comes clean. 
  11. Let it seat for 15 minutes or half an hour before you remove it and eat it.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Corn and Mozzarella Cheese Fritters with Beer Batter

Corn Fritters

(6/20/2015) Tampa, Fl --- This is such a simple but yet wonderful recipe to do on the moments you have the time for some nice snacks. This dish serves 10 portion but also it can be reduced depending on the quantities you want to make.

How to Make The Beer Batter:

Beer batter is actually quite easy to make as it doesn't require to much effort and you can use any beer you like as well you can experiment with different ones in order to create different consistencies. In this case as I was experimenting for the first time I used just regular Bud Light, one can or in other words 12oz.

* 1 can or bottle beer. (It has to be cold)
* 2 cups of flour (I used just regular wheat flour but you can use self-rising one).
* 1 tablespoon of powder onion.
* 1 hint of sugar.
* one battered egg.

The first thing you need to do is to batter the egg in a separate container and you will add it later to the mix. On a deep bowl add the two cups of flour and little by little start mixing it with the beer, there will be a reaction and you will see carbonation but it will fade as you keep mixing them. When the beer and flour are even almost gooier add the hint of sugar and tablespoon of powder onion to the mix. Mix them and lastly add the egg.

When you see the batter mix you will see it with some bubbles and lumps, there are nothing bad to worry about it it means you did a good job with the batter.

Second Step:
Corn in a cob
The second step involves just peeling the corn and adding the cheese. One part of this process I do enjoy using corn in a cob rather frozen one but it's just my opinion and taste.

The first step you need to do is to preheat the oven on 350 F or depending the kind of oven you have. Place 4 corns (around 1 cup) within their husks as soon the oven is hot enough. Don't over cook them, they will be fine for about 20 minutes to 30 in order to tenderize them.

When the time pass pull them out of the oven and let them cool down for a moment, when they are cool enough, peel the husk out and you will have the corn ready to peel.

Add the peeled corn to the batter and lastly add 1 cup of shredded cheese of your choice. In my case Mozzarella.

You can decide to fry it or heat it on a skillet. The trick is to make small balls in either cases in order to create uniformity. Be careful if you are frying it as if the temperature gets too hot you can get burned or little pieces of the mix will fly around the kitchen. Let it fry until is golden crispy and enjoy.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Vegan Pandebono (Vegan Cheese Bread) Colombian Recipes

(6/16/2015) Tampa, Fl --- Hello my dear readers, today we are going to do a little Colombian recipe which I enjoy a lot it's called Pandebono or a literal translation is just mere cheese bread. What I do enjoy about making these delightful cheesy puffy balls is that they are actually quite easy and fast to make and you don't need to use a food processor in order to mix the ingredients as you use a fork to create the consistency of the dough.

What would you need:

1) 2/3 cups of yucca flour (or cassava starch if you can't find yucca flour).
2) 1/4 cup pre-cooked cornmeal.
3) 1 cup of Mozzarella Veggie Shreds (You can replace it with any cheese you like.
4) One cup of unscented soy milk. (Again, you can replace this with just plain milk.)
5) 1 Tablespoon of Silken Tofu (or one beaten egg.)

How to do it:

* Preheat oven at 450 degrees.
* In a bowl add and mix the cornmeal with the yucca flour until they are even (if by any chance you are doing this with the cassava starch you have to pulverize the starch until it turns into fine grains).
* Slowly add the milk into the mixture and beat slowly, the consistency will turn little by little into a malleable dough, when you reach that consistency as the silken tofu (or eggs) and keep beating until the dough is even.
* When you have the proper mixture add the shredded cheese and mix it until you have a firm consistent mix.
* On a greased tray place small balls of the dough with a 4 inch space in between them.
* Cook on the oven for about 25 minutes or until golden.
* When you take it out of the oven, let it rest for about 15 minutes and enjoy.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Banana Bread Recipe

Banana Bread
Hello my readers, as of today I decided to make something rather easy and enjoyable by many and that is Banana Bread.

The preparation time will take around 15 minutes (I am a very slow person and I will always take my precious time doing things so they will be as perfect as possible.) There is no need for a mixer as you can use a fork to do the batter and at it will be one loaf.

The most optimal bananas to use are the ones that are overly ripe, you will know that they are ready to use because the peels are half brown and the banana's inside are quite squishy.


1) 5 ripe bananas, don't forget to peel them.
2) 1/4 cup of melted butter.
3) 1 cup of white sugar (please don't add brown sugar is not as good)
4) 1 beaten egg.
5) 1 teaspoon of honey.
6) 1 teaspoon of baking powder.
7) 1 1/1 cups of flour (the one you like the most.)

First thing first:

* Preheat the oven on 350°F and butter a small pan.
* In a mixing bowl, mash and ripe the bananas with a fork until they are smooth.
* Melt the butter and mix it into the bananas.
* Mix the baking powder and sugar, beaten eggs and honey.
* Mix in the flour until is even with the other items and then mix everything with the banana mix.
* Place them on the oven for about 50 minutes or until you poke a small incision with a fork and the center comes out clean.
* Let it rest for about half an hour to an hour and when is finally on room temperature you can enjoy.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Easy Banana with Vanilla Flavored Pancakes

(5/2/20125) Tampa, Fl --- There are somethings that is worth to make every now and then. This recipe has been online albeit the terminology for this dish should be Dosai but it's more of a hybrid dish than anything else.

The flavor you give is the flavor it takes plus it takes some hint of the banana. They tend to turn crisp but their consistency in the inner section of the body is quite soft.

What would you need:

1 - Large ripe banana.
2 - Large Eggs.
3 - 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

The first step you need to do is to mash the bananas, they have to take a pudding like consistency and there shouldn't be any large lumps around.

Add the 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract; on a separate bowl, mix the eggs together on separate bowl; add the eggs onto the mix in order to create a batter. You will know that is ready when you see everything combined perfectly.

Heat a pan over medium heat with oil or just butter, when the pan is hot enough drop around 2 tablespoons of the batter, cook it until you see it golden and then switch sides, repeat the process and enjoy.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tude Apple Juice Review

I am in love with this little juice as is perfect for me to drink it for breakfast, my only problem is that it has that stinky logo of the Non-GMO Project, which gives some unwanted pseudo-philosophy I hate seeing in my food.

The reason I hate that logo it is because it shows the ignorance of the consumers about bio-technology, as well how lowering production cost will make the product more accessible to the customers and it will take the horrible ideology that GMO's are harmful or in the same level of craziness of vaccines.

The flavor of the 'tude juices are quite nice and friendly to the taste buds even enjoyable with a set of eggs and toasts. Is just delightful as itself plays with some images of a carefree childhood.

I would recommend the product if you have the money to purchase it but otherwise I won't. The juice is is barely 8 oz and is almost US$4.

Monday, April 20, 2015

DRY Soda Product Review Strange but Amazing to Try It

DRY Soda
There is something unique to these type of sodas, it's almost as difficult to explain. I've never imagined trying something as unique as DRY Soda; the idea of a dry soda differs far away from the mainstream ones that are found on almost every single supermarket chains.

I have to confess, not in a lifetime of trying the most strange items you can find in any market; DRY Soda's really got my attention; - I don't think my taste buds connection with my cerebral cortex are highly evolved enough; or at least I am not enough of a "hipster" to understand. - 

Probably the product in comparison with a mainstream market product would be a flavored Sprite or 7-UP; it's difficult to describe but yet, there is something delightfully appealing within these products.

To describe the flavors is to describe a wide varied of sensations, but they are quite sweet and friendly to the taste buds yet they are quite unique because they tend to become an acquire taste before you actually like them.

The idea of of a healthy soda is quite of a nonsense; but their marketing approach to a more oriented adult market make this product a nice side, as on their website they give ideas on what this soda can go with, or the perfect dishes you can serve with.

It's amazing to diversity of products that are out there aimed to adults that aren't towards alcoholic beverages; which I find these type of sodas quite appealing as they aren't popular with the mainstream, but yet they are enjoyable on their own way.

Compared to other mainstream flavors, it can take a while to get use to, mostly due nobody would expect a soda cucumber flavored on their table; it's quite fancy to think, as well unusual, because on the market there aren't unique flavors to try beyond vanilla, cherry, lemon, grape, just to name a few; even to say, I would recommend this product completely as they are quite of a nice alternative.

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Mystic of Suja and Why Besides Being a 43 mg Sugar Bomb is Not Worth It

Suja Different Flavors
Probably if it wasn't for the endorsement of The Food Babe, this brand of juice would probably go unnoticed on the popular market and probably would had been sold in places such as Whole Foods.

By now, you probably would realize by the title of the entry what is the idea about. Yes; there is nothing magical or healthy within these juices that almost everywhere cost US$3.99 and they don't contain too much volume.

Some people, will argue that with quality you can't put a price; but, to be honest, anything that looks as it if was made by an artisan will have a bigger price on the market, due the selling point strategies that will help to evoke "good-vibe" feelings about naturalism and home made items.

The problem with Suja as well similar kind of juices relies on their whole selling point, which if we estimate on how much they have to produce per season, we all know that they are just a label and they wouldn't be able to produce it without the help of any type of conventional methods in agriculture; albeit we all can assume that The Food Babe won't dare to investigate on her sponsors because that would mean no more money or yet no more exotic vacations every two or three months.

Flavor wise the juices are quite bitter; as well for an item that has enough sugar, should be sweet; but, the flavor of kale could be issue on why some of them taste quite nasty as well they leave an unpleasant after hint.

People seem to enjoy them, or at least pretend they enjoy them due the premise that they are healthy. I had seen people reading the ingredients on my grocery trips, but yet no matter how long they read them, they still buy them and exclaim - how healthy they are. -

If you wonder how I got these four juices.? They were Buy One, Get One; and, I had four ¢55 coupons which let me bought the juices; otherwise this is a product I wouldn't recommend to no one because it is expensive, tasteless and over priced.   

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Essence of Essential Oils Their Connotation on Christian Eschatology and Why They Are Essentially Placebos With Nice Aromas

Essential Oils
In the last three years, there had been a boom of the multilevel marketing; this time is not only with Herbalife; but rather companies who go on the idea of anointed oils which has been marketed on the idea of Essential Oils.

The idea of Essential Oils, has their backgrounds on the eschatology of Christianity; but as well the different companies mixed the religious idea within a New Age propaganda that the oils had been used widely from more than two millenniums.

As many of today's products, in order to sell they have to rel heavily on a communication campaign that involves a hand to hand marketing and advertising levels, to appeal and sell properly to any possible clientele.

To organize the complexity of the selling point of the Essential Oils, we have to start with the idea on what these kind of products are sold by, and that is with the anointed oils, which on the Bible are referred roughly 20 times (Exodus 25:6, Leviticus 8:30, Numbers 4:16, Exodus 30:32, Mark 14:3, Mark 6:13, James 5:14  and Hebrews 1:8).

In any part of the Bible there are any specific set of ingredients, ingredients that were common on the Middle East, Sub-Saharan and the Continental India are pointed on some occasions such as cinnamon and myrrh; but there are not guidelines that there was something holy or miraculous on these oils, and they were made as a test of the Israelite to show their obedience to God. (1)

Humanity on a certain extent evolves beyond the status-quo of religion; but some ideas of the holy and profane always keep lingering in the popular imagery, that there are miraculous cures to almost any ailments. Chrism is found essentially on every religion of the world; but the most common is within the different, thousands of Christians Sects.

We can see that within the Catholic doctrines, there is the anointing of the sick on the Mass of the Chrism; but also the oils are celebrated on the Sacrament of Confirmation (2); it goes on the rite of confirmation and commitment of the young adult within the church. There is a precious symbolism within the doctrine that is almost as old as the church but there wasn't anything magical or out of this world within the unction of the oils, but rather the spiritual commitment of the parishioner to his or her church.

Now, that there is an image on what the marketing campaigns play; we know that there is a quasi-sentiment of magical on the add-campaigns to sell a miraculous cure, that has nothing of a miracle based on the Christian Scriptures; but yet it plays on the image of the believers of the oil as well some of the believers of the faith as they are trying to find solutions within the realm of the fantastic.

Whole Foods
According to Christianity Today (3) the resurgent of the Essential Oils had found their niche among Christian women; but, also they'd appealed to organic shoppers, homeopaths, naturopaths, young mothers and believers. Which as was mentioned previously, the latest one found their uses among the Scriptures.

Some believers as well consumer oriented on this oils had found several examples, albeit not direct examples through the Bible but rather scarce example that border on the metaphorical such as Moses; but rather than that there is a schism between the social use of the oil and the way the idea is advertised and sold today.

Whole Food; the temple of almost everything overpriced, and where the consumer can found everything but real medicines. There are entire aisles dedicated to the sold purpose of selling Essential Oils. Is almost a surreal experience for anyone who realize that Homeopathy is just a "bunch of feel good concepts, based on the idea of ancient knowledge that by today standards had been discarded as mere quackery."

That feel good sensation is always a catch to sell almost any product, if the product aims at the spiritual side of the consumer, as well their lack of knowledge on the medical and biological sciences.

By now, if you had visited some vitamins stores, or stores as Whole Foods, they sell Bach Flower Remedies; which if you check on the first photo, they offer some sort of pop test in order to guess which Essential Oil is the most adequate for you, or as the company promote it Flower Remedies. According to (4) the two main ingredients are Brandy and Water, which they are already diluted on a 50:50, so it's hard to guess the consumer won't get drunk by drinking anything from Bach products'.

The gimmick of their products go that they say they work by transmitting a vibrational energy through the memory of the water. Difficult to believe the water as a sentient being, but the damage done by the quackery of Masaru Emoto is already in the mind of the collective.

How water could have memory and understand a series of 8.500 language and dialects.? The simple idea of Bach Flower remedies is ridicule; but there are always people in close proximity with this kind of lifestyle, that only sugar coats the existence. Besides that gimmick, as is in the photo, there is a small test that compose the words on what you are feeling; if you are feeling fear, loneliness, for dependency or despair, etc. There is a product for you, which offers mostly a quick answer to what could be a deep emotional problem; but the sales adjust to what much of the people on this century believe - We need everything now.- 

The idea that this form of corrupted Ayurveda influenced methods of healing (I rather not say medicine, as medicine involves a process following the Scientific Method, and it will be an offense to compare this form of New Age herbalist naturalism to modern medicine.) is actually beneficial and is good to discard any treatment in favor of this; is just a fallacy to knowledge and ad emotion; masked with a nice aroma of lavender or cinnamon.



Thursday, April 9, 2015

Why I do not Believe the New Age Internet Guru's Bullshit

David Avocado Wolfe
It's difficult to perceive any some fort of credibility from anyone of these "New Age Gurus" that advocate wellness through the Internet, without analyzing their niches on a deep level, we can see that these people has no knowledge on the medicine sciences and they are usually geared towards a personal gain as well to spread their personal image, more than to create any help.

Inciting people to abandon treatments should be punished by laws on a federal level, as well on how they tend to aim to a "holistic approach" aiming that any dilution or herbal remedies are good to combat almost any desired diseases.

The egotistical aspect of people as David Wolfe, March Against Monsanto, Modern Alternative Mama or GMO Free USA, and even so the infamous Food Babe is that they center their cults to on how their look, and why they look young thought the so called natural means. They essentially aim to the vain aspect of any potential reader, the use of misinformation through the use of fear in order to achieve their desire effect which is to sell their ideology.

Make Coconut
On a model of their websites or business blogs, the owners don't have to execute some form of sense towards their message, almost using any form of popular foods along with a nice catchy phrase in order to bring followers.

Make Coconut Not Fat, just to name one of many; from the marketing point of view within applied selling point of a catchy slogan doesn't really give the message on what the website is about; as is difficult to aim that is a lost weight oriented site.

It's difficult to analyze that the human body can't produce coconut but rather we have adipose tissue, but yet, the idea of coconut as a "miraculous" food, or "superfood" as is called within the believers of these kind of ideologies, even if the terms are just a mere marketing tool to re-sell food or ideas to a set of consumers who aim to a set of philosophies that are unnecessarily unrealistic but yet on the free market side, companies have to sell in order to create a profit.

On one negative aspect, much as these individuals who can classify in the "woo-sphere" they do not like criticisms, as they tend to "realize" their pseudoscience is the ultimate truth towards health and wellness, or realistically speaking they don't like anyone who will destroy their business model. Let's take a look on the Food Babe and how she had found a way to silence critics by banning them from her website and social media groups.

Part of being in the internet, is that you are going to be subject to criticism as well some negative comments that you can take to learn on how to handle your public image. Many of the internet individuals who only attack for no reason or "trolls" in more popular words; are going to be there no matter what, it could be as they perceive a negative aspect on you or just for the mere reason of create some chaos, due the fact that almost  - any one behind a computer screen could be a cat.

Trolls can be easily ignore, but then again they come in all shape and sizes, and denying the existence of detractors much as the people in the "woo" do it, show on how some easy opportunistic solutions we as a society we had become. That we want everything for now instead of actually working for it.

One newest example is the delightful lady on the right side of my screen, which I am not giving a link in order to not promote her any form of visits. She goes by Nutritarian Nancy; which the term is already a made up term in order to describe her already not clear approach on how she will reach any potential customers. Albeit I should say patients but that is just a fallacy.

Her description goes mostly on the classical denier of everything science related. One of her latest article is on how companies are paying people to discriminate against health and wellness advocates, or in other words shills. I can dare anyone to probe me, that I am a paid shill, that there are documents that I am being paid by any company; so I can find a way to sue the person in question for defamation, as I am only one person who has been blogging and advocate for science.

On Nancy's profile, she mentions that she can make any consult through Skype as she lives somewhere in Brooklyn. Albeit is good to say that a certified physician with a reputation on his or her stake won't give any consultation through Skype as they can lose their licence for medical malpractice; but let's assume that won't happen if you are a nutritarian which the least that can happen is just keep playing the ridicule.

The pseudo-scientific aspect that relate this entrepreneurs of the well-being, border the line of a religious component, well they argue discrimination against their beliefs. Believing that organic is better, is not part of your religion; is part as a consumer who decide to pay more for less in quantity as well to deny that the world can't support 8 billion people with just organic farming as well that it's a core aspect to deny on how bioengineer had helped the life of many; but people as Green Pace seem to boycott that idea.  

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dear Vani; My Name is Gustavo or #FoodBabeArmy and I want Proofs

Dear Vani,

My name is Gustavo, or any member of the so called #foodbabearmy; this another open letter in which I want to address on your understanding on immunology as well world history. By now, I can say you are all much of you, a bunch of educated people who decided to ignore simple facts.

I am not calling you all dumb, but I am calling all of you for giving us your critics proof, valid peer reviewed proof of your claims, yet you dare to call Professor Folta and Miss Yvette aka the Science Babe "shills", you know with your claims you can get into a serious legal trouble; but yet you also become a light version of Jenny McCarthy or a vaccine denialist. Which by different State Laws, whenever you or the Modern Alternative Mama give some form of advice about not vaccinating, you are going in into practicing medicine without license.

Not even you had insulted two people, as I remember you also insulted Ms. Kavin Sanapathy on a few occasions, but they had shown grace and poise whenever you said something adverse against critcism on your fantastic health claims.

Now on a latest post, where you had deleted it the link from your website. Can you give us proof, real proof that vaccines are used as weapons of mass annihilation.? Not the same abysmal information that appears on Natual News on a 24-7 basis, but real proof from real institutions. If not, you are just a mere liar.

In the most elegant, I have little to no tolerance with defamation, but I will be gladly to wait your answer.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

If Water Reacts to Positive Thoughts Then My Dog has to React on the Words Don't Shit On the Carpet

This is Sparkles, I have no clue what kind of breed he is but I can say he is cute. The only thing, there are moments I can't take him outside due my schedule and he poops on the carpet; otherwise he is well trained and respond to a few commands in English. Now, I tried to taught him a few commands in Spanish but the only one he seems to process is a "pet name" Cosa, beyond that point, I am just happy to have him.

Now, if according to the pseudo-philosophy of Masaru Sato - Water can be influenced to the positive energies, and even cleaned through prayer and visualization; - then, my dog through prayer and visualization should stop shitting on the carpet every time he is upset, alone or in a lesser case bored.

I visualized and prayed that my dog, would stop doing that; but at the end prayers and visualization means nothing, unless you take action on knowing the cause and effect of such behavior.

Same thing goes with finding a solution to a problem, using tools that can be implemented as well a reasoning that will help reach to the conclusion; instead of magics or semi fantastic rituals we all should find the answers with what is around us and the understanding the world can give to us.

The Power of Words
If my dog can't understand a simple command such as "Don't Poop," or "wait." Why the fuck water will understand at least of 6,909 ethnolanguages.? Is much of a priori idea; much as when a child associates rain with her mother placing a hat over her head. Yet, the idea of visualizing water in a pure state, or screaming profanities to water has no effect on water because water can't understand language with the same sentient conviction as life forms who use it to communicate it.

Let's all remember the case when the Food Babe, decided to deep into the her world of pseudoscience and posted about how microwaves place negative thought particles on the microwave; such as screaming - Satan.! or Hitler! to the water will create a differential change on the molecular structure. The water is not an emo who will need therapy if you scream any violent word, on why the wardrobe you use is only something you will use when you go to a funeral.

Same with the ideas gave by Deepak Chopra, which at the end show how much someone can generate revenue by talking shit; the same shit I wish my dog will stop doing; but the difference between Deepak and my dog, is that in my dog is a natural instinct, he has to poop as everyone else but people much in the bandwagon of the "New Age Pseudoscience" beyond being an instinct is an attention call as they lack or deny critical thinking and common sense, over the ideas of how the sensuous work acts and how the spiritual words intersects in a way as a six year old imagines the monsters under his bed.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Journey to the Different Root Beers: Abita Root Beer

Abita Sugar Cane Root Beer
Life is too short to be worrying about too much situations, and food is too delicious to let it pass and at least try everything once. Root beer is one of my many favorite items, I love to try them as soon I see a new one on my sight.

Abita is one of those pleasures from the bayou that are impossible to find in Florida, unless you go to Disney World in Kissimme and buy it in one of the resorts. The idea is quite expensive, but I am so happy that I found this little gem on The Fresh Market that is near my house.

The flavor is quite sweet, but is not overwhelming, there is even an aftertaste that leaves some sparkly sensation but refreshing sensation, as if you were enjoying an afternoon near the beach.

Probably next time that I go to Clearwater of Saint Pete beaches, I will buy a few bottles; and enjoy them, while watching the sunset because Abita is quite amazing.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Journey to the Different Root Beers, The Amazing Bundaberg

Bundaberg Root Beer
This root beer is probably the best one ever; not to say the one I'd enjoy the most. In Florida, it's almost impossible to get a different varieties of items that are produce on a nation wide level, as well everywhere else.

Some people will say  - Thank God, for the Internets. - the flavor of Bundaberg Root Beer is amazing, almost impossible to describe with mere words, it's almost as ambrosia. It makes me wonder why an item as this, hasn't gained any popularity in the United States. It's almost impossible to find it in Florida, but one of the places that is sold is The Fresh Market.

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, is an Australian based brand, which has is location at Bundaberg, Queensland; on the 1960's and they use a traditional brewing process to produce their non-alcoholic beverages; as well they export their products to over 32 countries.

Besides their root beer; they have Ginger Beer; Lemon Lime and Bitters, Creaming Soda among others.  Which it would be fantastic to find more widely here in the United States, because there is an open market, with a wide clientele who are willing to try something new and sweet. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Fresh Market, a Contemporary Grocery Store for Adults

There is magical sensation of going inside The Fresh Market; it's difficult to describe within a few words, but the best ones that come to my head are - the beautiful sound of silence - the store is quite chic and upscale, and it gives the sensation you are in a boutique supermarket some place in the Mediterranean European Union.

There is some elegance in walking around the aisles, where you can find some items common in every store as the Dixie Sugars, but as well some gourmet items that are not common in regular supermarkets.

The beauty of the "sound of silence," as there were no children inside the store created a magical experience, while I was traveling around the aisles; as many supermarket I can see parents bringing their children around, but there are certain stores where there aren't aimed for a family experience instead of a more intimate experience for couple or single individuals.

The aisles were neatly decorated, where you could see some elegance of the "Old World", where each section expose in a delicate matter their products to the customers, as well there is an old style charcuterie that act as a central hub for the entire supermarket. 

In-store prices aren't bad for gourmet - organic items; they are much similar to Trader Joe's; I bought 11 items, not counting any produce and I spent US$23.74 for my trip; the only reason I opted not to buy any produce it was as I found their prices high opposite to the ones at Publix, which their selection is essentially the same and the prices are lower.

One neat aspect, at least here in Florida; is that TFM has an online store and can deliver to the customers door; there are some savings found there when you buy by bulk which for the people who have no reliable transportation buying through them is a viable option.

I would recommend any of my friends to go to these supermarket chains for a nice different experience, where they could enjoy a nice relaxing inviting shopping environment.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Stupidity of Fad Detoxing or How I Learned to Love Taco Bell

The problem about fads is that they are marketed as an easy access; they can go from diets to any latest gizmo that would promise easy weight lost. The companies prey on the public imagery about how the body works, as well their knowledge on basic elements of biology and anatomy. It's no secret, marketing and advertisement can be cruel as they are areas of developing that can manipulate the masses with a certain effort.

Ignorance can be one of the worst weapons, as if you repeat a lie many times it becomes a certain truth and whenever you use media and social media, then there is a weight and false arguments will become a truth accepted by the people who won't question them. That's what happens with detox or cleansing; I don't mean any medical procedure but I mean whatever people do to think it will liberate any "magical toxins or chemicals from their bodies."

By listening over the shoulder several conversations at the supermarket where I buy my groceries on occasion; I realized much of these individuals aren't necessarily stupid, smart on their own way but extremely skeptics to ignore actual facts and believe their own realities as the ultimate truth. People start suffering about how to live healthy, and much of the people goes into the borderline of anorexia, orthorexia and bulimia; so, in order to find an order to their problems, they find the idea of detox as an excuse or conduit to justify their lifestyle and their lack of control.

I am ignorant on chemistry as well biology, I won't deny those two aspects but that doesn't mean I will believe on everything I read on magazines that are sold on supermarkets or everything on the Internet without checking for sources that can back it up, as well reputation wise of the sources. The idea by ingesting lets say any X item such as kale, suddenly your body will release the toxins of a hamburger you ate at McDonald two hours later.

That kind of reasoning isn't far away, people as the Food Babe, Modern Alternative Mama as well any stupid of Natural News will try to sell it and consumers will try to buy it, because it's easier to believe in fairy tales, than knowing the own body will separate the trivial from the substantial. That is the reason people we crap and piss, because it's the way our own body is telling us we don't certain things from the meals we eat.

It's simple, but the idea that there are procedure or products that can "help" the body with a sugar pill, is just ludicrous; - I am not going to mention anyone in particular, but next time you go to the supermarket or your local pharmacy, check on the vitamins or supplement section, the way to spot these products if you don't know anything about chemistry is simple, check for any homeopathic seal of approval, or any word that says natural or alternative, followed by it will cure you or help you release toxins. That's a start to spotting these miracle detoxing cures.

If you want to follow the trends more closely, without using the Internet at first, ask clerks from the produce section what items people buy the most, and from there you have a starting point; also pay attention to the conversations people have in between aisles and you will know where to start looking; that was the way I heard for the first time about the Food Derp but also you can start finding a focal points on the trendy items that people are using for "exorcising those evil chemicals and toxins."

They are simply starving themselves and justifying their actions with certain arrogance, that they are better because of their dietary restrictions. It's just a psychological reflection of their lack of personality in order to justify their social interactions to accent their position as alphas; only because in their heads they think the way they eat is superior, as well the practices they do to "clean their systems from any impurities".

Is all a fallacy against nature as well post hoc ergo propter hoc (just to name a few) on the way they reason that the detox is as magical as pixie dust or Skittles. I wouldn't waste my money doing one of these fads because it's a big waste of time, I rather go to Taco Bell eat a Big Beefy Five Layer Burrito, that surely will make my colon flood and clean it "on a natural way."

Friday, January 2, 2015

The Nutella Sugar Bomb Parfait

I do not eat healthy; I am not a nutritionist, and less I am not a Babe or a Mama which those two talk a lot of bullshit. I love to eat, I love to create and I love sweets; I believe the anti-gmo don't know the flavor in stuff and I believe you don't need fancy items to create something fantastic.

What would you need:

1 Mug - It can be any mug you like; but the best one, for the best presentation is a small parabolic glass mug.
6 Tablespoons of Nutella. I can say I am obsessed with Nutella as Paula Deen is obssesed with butter.
4 Oreo Cookies that you will break.
Low Fat No Flavor Yogurt, you can replace it with the one you will the most. Add 4 Tablespoon per layer.
2 Table spoons of Heavy Cream.
A Handful Chocolate chip semi sweet cookies.

How to Make it, the idea is not difficult, you have to play with layers, essentially you can mix it how you like it, but the way I do it is by placing Nutella on the bottom, I crush 2 Oreo cookies and placed on the top of the Nutella, then I add a layer of the yogurt, then I repeat the same process. When I reach the final layer I add the heavy cream on the top of the cookies, and top of the heavy cream I add according to my taste  and there you go.