Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Stupidity of Fad Detoxing or How I Learned to Love Taco Bell

The problem about fads is that they are marketed as an easy access; they can go from diets to any latest gizmo that would promise easy weight lost. The companies prey on the public imagery about how the body works, as well their knowledge on basic elements of biology and anatomy. It's no secret, marketing and advertisement can be cruel as they are areas of developing that can manipulate the masses with a certain effort.

Ignorance can be one of the worst weapons, as if you repeat a lie many times it becomes a certain truth and whenever you use media and social media, then there is a weight and false arguments will become a truth accepted by the people who won't question them. That's what happens with detox or cleansing; I don't mean any medical procedure but I mean whatever people do to think it will liberate any "magical toxins or chemicals from their bodies."

By listening over the shoulder several conversations at the supermarket where I buy my groceries on occasion; I realized much of these individuals aren't necessarily stupid, smart on their own way but extremely skeptics to ignore actual facts and believe their own realities as the ultimate truth. People start suffering about how to live healthy, and much of the people goes into the borderline of anorexia, orthorexia and bulimia; so, in order to find an order to their problems, they find the idea of detox as an excuse or conduit to justify their lifestyle and their lack of control.

I am ignorant on chemistry as well biology, I won't deny those two aspects but that doesn't mean I will believe on everything I read on magazines that are sold on supermarkets or everything on the Internet without checking for sources that can back it up, as well reputation wise of the sources. The idea by ingesting lets say any X item such as kale, suddenly your body will release the toxins of a hamburger you ate at McDonald two hours later.

That kind of reasoning isn't far away, people as the Food Babe, Modern Alternative Mama as well any stupid of Natural News will try to sell it and consumers will try to buy it, because it's easier to believe in fairy tales, than knowing the own body will separate the trivial from the substantial. That is the reason people we crap and piss, because it's the way our own body is telling us we don't certain things from the meals we eat.

It's simple, but the idea that there are procedure or products that can "help" the body with a sugar pill, is just ludicrous; - I am not going to mention anyone in particular, but next time you go to the supermarket or your local pharmacy, check on the vitamins or supplement section, the way to spot these products if you don't know anything about chemistry is simple, check for any homeopathic seal of approval, or any word that says natural or alternative, followed by it will cure you or help you release toxins. That's a start to spotting these miracle detoxing cures.

If you want to follow the trends more closely, without using the Internet at first, ask clerks from the produce section what items people buy the most, and from there you have a starting point; also pay attention to the conversations people have in between aisles and you will know where to start looking; that was the way I heard for the first time about the Food Derp but also you can start finding a focal points on the trendy items that people are using for "exorcising those evil chemicals and toxins."

They are simply starving themselves and justifying their actions with certain arrogance, that they are better because of their dietary restrictions. It's just a psychological reflection of their lack of personality in order to justify their social interactions to accent their position as alphas; only because in their heads they think the way they eat is superior, as well the practices they do to "clean their systems from any impurities".

Is all a fallacy against nature as well post hoc ergo propter hoc (just to name a few) on the way they reason that the detox is as magical as pixie dust or Skittles. I wouldn't waste my money doing one of these fads because it's a big waste of time, I rather go to Taco Bell eat a Big Beefy Five Layer Burrito, that surely will make my colon flood and clean it "on a natural way."

Friday, January 2, 2015

The Nutella Sugar Bomb Parfait

I do not eat healthy; I am not a nutritionist, and less I am not a Babe or a Mama which those two talk a lot of bullshit. I love to eat, I love to create and I love sweets; I believe the anti-gmo don't know the flavor in stuff and I believe you don't need fancy items to create something fantastic.

What would you need:

1 Mug - It can be any mug you like; but the best one, for the best presentation is a small parabolic glass mug.
6 Tablespoons of Nutella. I can say I am obsessed with Nutella as Paula Deen is obssesed with butter.
4 Oreo Cookies that you will break.
Low Fat No Flavor Yogurt, you can replace it with the one you will the most. Add 4 Tablespoon per layer.
2 Table spoons of Heavy Cream.
A Handful Chocolate chip semi sweet cookies.

How to Make it, the idea is not difficult, you have to play with layers, essentially you can mix it how you like it, but the way I do it is by placing Nutella on the bottom, I crush 2 Oreo cookies and placed on the top of the Nutella, then I add a layer of the yogurt, then I repeat the same process. When I reach the final layer I add the heavy cream on the top of the cookies, and top of the heavy cream I add according to my taste  and there you go.