Friday, January 2, 2015

The Nutella Sugar Bomb Parfait

I do not eat healthy; I am not a nutritionist, and less I am not a Babe or a Mama which those two talk a lot of bullshit. I love to eat, I love to create and I love sweets; I believe the anti-gmo don't know the flavor in stuff and I believe you don't need fancy items to create something fantastic.

What would you need:

1 Mug - It can be any mug you like; but the best one, for the best presentation is a small parabolic glass mug.
6 Tablespoons of Nutella. I can say I am obsessed with Nutella as Paula Deen is obssesed with butter.
4 Oreo Cookies that you will break.
Low Fat No Flavor Yogurt, you can replace it with the one you will the most. Add 4 Tablespoon per layer.
2 Table spoons of Heavy Cream.
A Handful Chocolate chip semi sweet cookies.

How to Make it, the idea is not difficult, you have to play with layers, essentially you can mix it how you like it, but the way I do it is by placing Nutella on the bottom, I crush 2 Oreo cookies and placed on the top of the Nutella, then I add a layer of the yogurt, then I repeat the same process. When I reach the final layer I add the heavy cream on the top of the cookies, and top of the heavy cream I add according to my taste  and there you go.

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