Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Journey to the Different Root Beers: Abita Root Beer

Abita Sugar Cane Root Beer
Life is too short to be worrying about too much situations, and food is too delicious to let it pass and at least try everything once. Root beer is one of my many favorite items, I love to try them as soon I see a new one on my sight.

Abita is one of those pleasures from the bayou that are impossible to find in Florida, unless you go to Disney World in Kissimme and buy it in one of the resorts. The idea is quite expensive, but I am so happy that I found this little gem on The Fresh Market that is near my house.

The flavor is quite sweet, but is not overwhelming, there is even an aftertaste that leaves some sparkly sensation but refreshing sensation, as if you were enjoying an afternoon near the beach.

Probably next time that I go to Clearwater of Saint Pete beaches, I will buy a few bottles; and enjoy them, while watching the sunset because Abita is quite amazing.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Journey to the Different Root Beers, The Amazing Bundaberg

Bundaberg Root Beer
This root beer is probably the best one ever; not to say the one I'd enjoy the most. In Florida, it's almost impossible to get a different varieties of items that are produce on a nation wide level, as well everywhere else.

Some people will say  - Thank God, for the Internets. - the flavor of Bundaberg Root Beer is amazing, almost impossible to describe with mere words, it's almost as ambrosia. It makes me wonder why an item as this, hasn't gained any popularity in the United States. It's almost impossible to find it in Florida, but one of the places that is sold is The Fresh Market.

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, is an Australian based brand, which has is location at Bundaberg, Queensland; on the 1960's and they use a traditional brewing process to produce their non-alcoholic beverages; as well they export their products to over 32 countries.

Besides their root beer; they have Ginger Beer; Lemon Lime and Bitters, Creaming Soda among others.  Which it would be fantastic to find more widely here in the United States, because there is an open market, with a wide clientele who are willing to try something new and sweet. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Fresh Market, a Contemporary Grocery Store for Adults

There is magical sensation of going inside The Fresh Market; it's difficult to describe within a few words, but the best ones that come to my head are - the beautiful sound of silence - the store is quite chic and upscale, and it gives the sensation you are in a boutique supermarket some place in the Mediterranean European Union.

There is some elegance in walking around the aisles, where you can find some items common in every store as the Dixie Sugars, but as well some gourmet items that are not common in regular supermarkets.

The beauty of the "sound of silence," as there were no children inside the store created a magical experience, while I was traveling around the aisles; as many supermarket I can see parents bringing their children around, but there are certain stores where there aren't aimed for a family experience instead of a more intimate experience for couple or single individuals.

The aisles were neatly decorated, where you could see some elegance of the "Old World", where each section expose in a delicate matter their products to the customers, as well there is an old style charcuterie that act as a central hub for the entire supermarket. 

In-store prices aren't bad for gourmet - organic items; they are much similar to Trader Joe's; I bought 11 items, not counting any produce and I spent US$23.74 for my trip; the only reason I opted not to buy any produce it was as I found their prices high opposite to the ones at Publix, which their selection is essentially the same and the prices are lower.

One neat aspect, at least here in Florida; is that TFM has an online store and can deliver to the customers door; there are some savings found there when you buy by bulk which for the people who have no reliable transportation buying through them is a viable option.

I would recommend any of my friends to go to these supermarket chains for a nice different experience, where they could enjoy a nice relaxing inviting shopping environment.