Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Journey to the Different Root Beers: Abita Root Beer

Abita Sugar Cane Root Beer
Life is too short to be worrying about too much situations, and food is too delicious to let it pass and at least try everything once. Root beer is one of my many favorite items, I love to try them as soon I see a new one on my sight.

Abita is one of those pleasures from the bayou that are impossible to find in Florida, unless you go to Disney World in Kissimme and buy it in one of the resorts. The idea is quite expensive, but I am so happy that I found this little gem on The Fresh Market that is near my house.

The flavor is quite sweet, but is not overwhelming, there is even an aftertaste that leaves some sparkly sensation but refreshing sensation, as if you were enjoying an afternoon near the beach.

Probably next time that I go to Clearwater of Saint Pete beaches, I will buy a few bottles; and enjoy them, while watching the sunset because Abita is quite amazing.

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