Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dear Vani; My Name is Gustavo or #FoodBabeArmy and I want Proofs

Dear Vani,

My name is Gustavo, or any member of the so called #foodbabearmy; this another open letter in which I want to address on your understanding on immunology as well world history. By now, I can say you are all much of you, a bunch of educated people who decided to ignore simple facts.

I am not calling you all dumb, but I am calling all of you for giving us your critics proof, valid peer reviewed proof of your claims, yet you dare to call Professor Folta and Miss Yvette aka the Science Babe "shills", you know with your claims you can get into a serious legal trouble; but yet you also become a light version of Jenny McCarthy or a vaccine denialist. Which by different State Laws, whenever you or the Modern Alternative Mama give some form of advice about not vaccinating, you are going in into practicing medicine without license.

Not even you had insulted two people, as I remember you also insulted Ms. Kavin Sanapathy on a few occasions, but they had shown grace and poise whenever you said something adverse against critcism on your fantastic health claims.

Now on a latest post, where you had deleted it the link from your website. Can you give us proof, real proof that vaccines are used as weapons of mass annihilation.? Not the same abysmal information that appears on Natual News on a 24-7 basis, but real proof from real institutions. If not, you are just a mere liar.

In the most elegant, I have little to no tolerance with defamation, but I will be gladly to wait your answer.

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