Monday, April 20, 2015

DRY Soda Product Review Strange but Amazing to Try It

DRY Soda
There is something unique to these type of sodas, it's almost as difficult to explain. I've never imagined trying something as unique as DRY Soda; the idea of a dry soda differs far away from the mainstream ones that are found on almost every single supermarket chains.

I have to confess, not in a lifetime of trying the most strange items you can find in any market; DRY Soda's really got my attention; - I don't think my taste buds connection with my cerebral cortex are highly evolved enough; or at least I am not enough of a "hipster" to understand. - 

Probably the product in comparison with a mainstream market product would be a flavored Sprite or 7-UP; it's difficult to describe but yet, there is something delightfully appealing within these products.

To describe the flavors is to describe a wide varied of sensations, but they are quite sweet and friendly to the taste buds yet they are quite unique because they tend to become an acquire taste before you actually like them.

The idea of of a healthy soda is quite of a nonsense; but their marketing approach to a more oriented adult market make this product a nice side, as on their website they give ideas on what this soda can go with, or the perfect dishes you can serve with.

It's amazing to diversity of products that are out there aimed to adults that aren't towards alcoholic beverages; which I find these type of sodas quite appealing as they aren't popular with the mainstream, but yet they are enjoyable on their own way.

Compared to other mainstream flavors, it can take a while to get use to, mostly due nobody would expect a soda cucumber flavored on their table; it's quite fancy to think, as well unusual, because on the market there aren't unique flavors to try beyond vanilla, cherry, lemon, grape, just to name a few; even to say, I would recommend this product completely as they are quite of a nice alternative.

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