Thursday, April 2, 2015

If Water Reacts to Positive Thoughts Then My Dog has to React on the Words Don't Shit On the Carpet

This is Sparkles, I have no clue what kind of breed he is but I can say he is cute. The only thing, there are moments I can't take him outside due my schedule and he poops on the carpet; otherwise he is well trained and respond to a few commands in English. Now, I tried to taught him a few commands in Spanish but the only one he seems to process is a "pet name" Cosa, beyond that point, I am just happy to have him.

Now, if according to the pseudo-philosophy of Masaru Sato - Water can be influenced to the positive energies, and even cleaned through prayer and visualization; - then, my dog through prayer and visualization should stop shitting on the carpet every time he is upset, alone or in a lesser case bored.

I visualized and prayed that my dog, would stop doing that; but at the end prayers and visualization means nothing, unless you take action on knowing the cause and effect of such behavior.

Same thing goes with finding a solution to a problem, using tools that can be implemented as well a reasoning that will help reach to the conclusion; instead of magics or semi fantastic rituals we all should find the answers with what is around us and the understanding the world can give to us.

The Power of Words
If my dog can't understand a simple command such as "Don't Poop," or "wait." Why the fuck water will understand at least of 6,909 ethnolanguages.? Is much of a priori idea; much as when a child associates rain with her mother placing a hat over her head. Yet, the idea of visualizing water in a pure state, or screaming profanities to water has no effect on water because water can't understand language with the same sentient conviction as life forms who use it to communicate it.

Let's all remember the case when the Food Babe, decided to deep into the her world of pseudoscience and posted about how microwaves place negative thought particles on the microwave; such as screaming - Satan.! or Hitler! to the water will create a differential change on the molecular structure. The water is not an emo who will need therapy if you scream any violent word, on why the wardrobe you use is only something you will use when you go to a funeral.

Same with the ideas gave by Deepak Chopra, which at the end show how much someone can generate revenue by talking shit; the same shit I wish my dog will stop doing; but the difference between Deepak and my dog, is that in my dog is a natural instinct, he has to poop as everyone else but people much in the bandwagon of the "New Age Pseudoscience" beyond being an instinct is an attention call as they lack or deny critical thinking and common sense, over the ideas of how the sensuous work acts and how the spiritual words intersects in a way as a six year old imagines the monsters under his bed.

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