Monday, April 13, 2015

The Mystic of Suja and Why Besides Being a 43 mg Sugar Bomb is Not Worth It

Suja Different Flavors
Probably if it wasn't for the endorsement of The Food Babe, this brand of juice would probably go unnoticed on the popular market and probably would had been sold in places such as Whole Foods.

By now, you probably would realize by the title of the entry what is the idea about. Yes; there is nothing magical or healthy within these juices that almost everywhere cost US$3.99 and they don't contain too much volume.

Some people, will argue that with quality you can't put a price; but, to be honest, anything that looks as it if was made by an artisan will have a bigger price on the market, due the selling point strategies that will help to evoke "good-vibe" feelings about naturalism and home made items.

The problem with Suja as well similar kind of juices relies on their whole selling point, which if we estimate on how much they have to produce per season, we all know that they are just a label and they wouldn't be able to produce it without the help of any type of conventional methods in agriculture; albeit we all can assume that The Food Babe won't dare to investigate on her sponsors because that would mean no more money or yet no more exotic vacations every two or three months.

Flavor wise the juices are quite bitter; as well for an item that has enough sugar, should be sweet; but, the flavor of kale could be issue on why some of them taste quite nasty as well they leave an unpleasant after hint.

People seem to enjoy them, or at least pretend they enjoy them due the premise that they are healthy. I had seen people reading the ingredients on my grocery trips, but yet no matter how long they read them, they still buy them and exclaim - how healthy they are. -

If you wonder how I got these four juices.? They were Buy One, Get One; and, I had four ¢55 coupons which let me bought the juices; otherwise this is a product I wouldn't recommend to no one because it is expensive, tasteless and over priced.   

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