Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tude Apple Juice Review

I am in love with this little juice as is perfect for me to drink it for breakfast, my only problem is that it has that stinky logo of the Non-GMO Project, which gives some unwanted pseudo-philosophy I hate seeing in my food.

The reason I hate that logo it is because it shows the ignorance of the consumers about bio-technology, as well how lowering production cost will make the product more accessible to the customers and it will take the horrible ideology that GMO's are harmful or in the same level of craziness of vaccines.

The flavor of the 'tude juices are quite nice and friendly to the taste buds even enjoyable with a set of eggs and toasts. Is just delightful as itself plays with some images of a carefree childhood.

I would recommend the product if you have the money to purchase it but otherwise I won't. The juice is is barely 8 oz and is almost US$4.

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