Thursday, April 9, 2015

Why I do not Believe the New Age Internet Guru's Bullshit

David Avocado Wolfe
It's difficult to perceive any some fort of credibility from anyone of these "New Age Gurus" that advocate wellness through the Internet, without analyzing their niches on a deep level, we can see that these people has no knowledge on the medicine sciences and they are usually geared towards a personal gain as well to spread their personal image, more than to create any help.

Inciting people to abandon treatments should be punished by laws on a federal level, as well on how they tend to aim to a "holistic approach" aiming that any dilution or herbal remedies are good to combat almost any desired diseases.

The egotistical aspect of people as David Wolfe, March Against Monsanto, Modern Alternative Mama or GMO Free USA, and even so the infamous Food Babe is that they center their cults to on how their look, and why they look young thought the so called natural means. They essentially aim to the vain aspect of any potential reader, the use of misinformation through the use of fear in order to achieve their desire effect which is to sell their ideology.

Make Coconut
On a model of their websites or business blogs, the owners don't have to execute some form of sense towards their message, almost using any form of popular foods along with a nice catchy phrase in order to bring followers.

Make Coconut Not Fat, just to name one of many; from the marketing point of view within applied selling point of a catchy slogan doesn't really give the message on what the website is about; as is difficult to aim that is a lost weight oriented site.

It's difficult to analyze that the human body can't produce coconut but rather we have adipose tissue, but yet, the idea of coconut as a "miraculous" food, or "superfood" as is called within the believers of these kind of ideologies, even if the terms are just a mere marketing tool to re-sell food or ideas to a set of consumers who aim to a set of philosophies that are unnecessarily unrealistic but yet on the free market side, companies have to sell in order to create a profit.

On one negative aspect, much as these individuals who can classify in the "woo-sphere" they do not like criticisms, as they tend to "realize" their pseudoscience is the ultimate truth towards health and wellness, or realistically speaking they don't like anyone who will destroy their business model. Let's take a look on the Food Babe and how she had found a way to silence critics by banning them from her website and social media groups.

Part of being in the internet, is that you are going to be subject to criticism as well some negative comments that you can take to learn on how to handle your public image. Many of the internet individuals who only attack for no reason or "trolls" in more popular words; are going to be there no matter what, it could be as they perceive a negative aspect on you or just for the mere reason of create some chaos, due the fact that almost  - any one behind a computer screen could be a cat.

Trolls can be easily ignore, but then again they come in all shape and sizes, and denying the existence of detractors much as the people in the "woo" do it, show on how some easy opportunistic solutions we as a society we had become. That we want everything for now instead of actually working for it.

One newest example is the delightful lady on the right side of my screen, which I am not giving a link in order to not promote her any form of visits. She goes by Nutritarian Nancy; which the term is already a made up term in order to describe her already not clear approach on how she will reach any potential customers. Albeit I should say patients but that is just a fallacy.

Her description goes mostly on the classical denier of everything science related. One of her latest article is on how companies are paying people to discriminate against health and wellness advocates, or in other words shills. I can dare anyone to probe me, that I am a paid shill, that there are documents that I am being paid by any company; so I can find a way to sue the person in question for defamation, as I am only one person who has been blogging and advocate for science.

On Nancy's profile, she mentions that she can make any consult through Skype as she lives somewhere in Brooklyn. Albeit is good to say that a certified physician with a reputation on his or her stake won't give any consultation through Skype as they can lose their licence for medical malpractice; but let's assume that won't happen if you are a nutritarian which the least that can happen is just keep playing the ridicule.

The pseudo-scientific aspect that relate this entrepreneurs of the well-being, border the line of a religious component, well they argue discrimination against their beliefs. Believing that organic is better, is not part of your religion; is part as a consumer who decide to pay more for less in quantity as well to deny that the world can't support 8 billion people with just organic farming as well that it's a core aspect to deny on how bioengineer had helped the life of many; but people as Green Pace seem to boycott that idea.  

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