Sunday, January 24, 2016

Boars Head Top Roast Beef Sandwich

(1/25/2016) Tampa, Fl --- Hello everyone; I am going to take a small moment to post a small indulgence Boars Head Roast Beef. I usually making sandwiches with Boars Head products, their cheeses are superb and their meat selection is just quite spectacular.

Personally, I do not care what other people are saying about deli meats, these people have no idea what they are talking about and they are missing something delicious and actually quite nutritious.

There are plenty of brands to chose on the United States as well elsewhere, here in Florida the Boars Head brand is find mostly at Publix as well at the Land & Sea Market (that is as far as I can remember). One tip I always recommend everyone before they buy meat or cheese at their deli, ask the clerks for samples to see how thick or thin you want your slices.

The first step we are going to do is try heat a pan with salted butter, unsalted if you feel tempted also but at the end it doesn't matter, what it matters is to enjoy what are you eating. In this case I have to slices of bread that I covered with honey on both sides and I am going to toast until they are golden brown on each side.

You can use bagels instead of bread slices; it will give you a meal similar to the ones that they sale on Bagel Bros or Dunkin Donuts; it is really easy to make and it doesn't take too much time to do.

When the breads are golden toasted pull them out of the skillet and we can use the heat to roast the meat, albeit it's not necessary if you don't want to; albeit it is my decision just to cook it a little bit.

Medium rate is the best to cook it; albeit with me within my own taste I rather go medium well but it is just a personal preference.

Always when you go to your local deli or supermarket check for the weekly sales item, not only the Boars Head but to see what fantastic things they have to try for a lesser price and see if you like it and maybe will repeat them. Within this meat I didn't use any condiments or anything else to give it some extra flavor, the reason is the boars head selection already has an amazing flavor that don't need anything extra in the cooking process.

One aspect when I am cooking my sandwiches I tend to cook them as separate items; I do not add them all together and heat them I cook the bread first, heat or cook a little and then lastly I melt the cheese.

One of the reasons I do this is because it gives me better control on how I want to strike the presentation. Another reason I like to melt the cheese by itself it's because I can fold it into a small roll leaving the center almost melted and it's quite a surprise when you are eating the sandwich.

I enjoy using at least a handful of shredded cheese, the reason is I love cheese.

This is the reason I like making a sandwich in sections, I can control how I want to create it and fix it better without creating a mess.

The roast beef I fold it perfectly inside the bread, I place a small hint of sweet mustard in between the meat and the cheese.

Enjoy and I hope this small tutorial was to your please; also whenever you go to your local supermarket or deli always say thank you to the clerks, because they are doing an amazing job by assisting you on all your needs as a customer.

Boars Head Roast Beef.

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