Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Organic Valley Good To Go Chocolate Milk Product Review

Organic Valley Good to Go Chocolate Milk
(5/24/2016) --- Hello everyone, I hope everyone is having a good week at this moment. I had to take a break from blogging in order to create a strategy with my time management as well to recover the interest I have to try new products.

A few days I went to the gas station, yes you read it right, you can find interesting stuff at the gas station (almost any) which prices aren't over inflated as Whole Food or Chipotle and surely you won't get Ebola, get E.coli, get poisoned or your wallet will suffer as going into those places.

I always love analyzing the products from the consumer point of view as well applying some branding and graphic design strategies that are given to the product in the container or envelope; and see how much bullshit can be found within the sales good.

First of all let's talk about the flavor before we go on the backside of the label. The flavor is quite bland to be chocolate milk, why these chocolate flavored milk that had or convey some sort of philosophy in their message always taste so bland? Is as the producers trying to say "we believe in fair trade and "organic" so that means because of the"purity" all of our products will taste quite mild" or it could be because of the sweetener they use? Who knows.

I couldn't pass it, it says on the bottle Chocolatey Delicious & Nutricious, seriously it wasn't deliciously -Nesquick is delicious, Publix chocolate milk is amazing, Walmart chocolate milk is OK- and for something as expensive (I got it for US$1.99, I still think it was expensive but I wanted to try it) it should taste as Ambrosia apples mixed with Honeycrisp (yes, GMO My God, Those are Tasty) instead you can taste the milk more rather than the chocolate itself.

The composition of Organic Valley products are always gorgeous, I have to give them points on that because usually with manufacturer brands they invest quite well on the design versus the private brands in order to sell more. As many of their products, you can find primary colors with a soft tonality in order to evoke a "country-like" feeling.

There is a beautiful fluid composition of a chocolate milk being dropped inside a container, it gives an idea that the product is "rich and fluffy" but to be honest the milk itself is quite and as I mentioned before flavorless.
No transparency on what they are really selling

Let's take a look on the graphic that is on the right side of the screen. What you see is simple and mere manipulation, please click, why the fear of antiobiotics? If there is a positive result that is not safe for the human consumption is thrown out as well highly toxic pesticides? With the diseases that are resistance and common ones, if there aren't pesticides around I wouldn't buy the product (FDA Milk Regulation and NPMF) but the best freaking blow is GMO, the product has no GMO's. How the hell a product don't contain any GMOS? Of course Organic Valley is just feeding their brand with the anti-science hysteria by fulling the bullshit in order to sell.

And before you call me a shill, sellout or ignorant, or sheeple (yes is a plural noun) please think twice before you succumb to the facts of a trend before embarking yourself on the next one; because goods as this one they are designed to make you feel good and pay more while you can find something good and better for a lower price.


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