Friday, July 29, 2016

Home Made Ice-Cream with two Ingridients

Home made ice-cream
(7/29/2016) --- Hello everyone, I been lately experiment with ice-cream, and with generally everything sweet. Probably the only time I use the word "experiment"  as I enjoy food more than I enjoy life on certain occasions, albeit with ice-cream for me is just mere joy and bliss.

I won't deny this was the first time I actually did ice-cream ever, it wasn't that bad but I am thinking seriously into buying the ice-cream machine, since they sell it at Target, Walmart or almost anywhere. I won't deny it was fun to do it without anything else except mere muscle power.

OK, not muscle power but just an effort; because talking about muscles I probably would need to hit the gym whenever I am not working in retail as the physical impact on my body will be diminished but no complains I am not giving ice-cream away.

OK so here is the list of ingredients:

  1.  1- 14 oz condensed sweet milk (They sell this type quite cheap on certain bodegas and Latino supermarkets)
  2. Two tablespoons of Nutella (please don't buy generic, it sucks on some occasions)
  3. Mashed Oreo's (Don't forget to take out the filling, take it with a knife and then eat it all together in a frenzy where you know your life is finally complete)
  4. 2-cups of heavy cream (Please remember to wisp it until is properly done)
What to do next:
  1. Put the Oreo's a cup to be exact on a plate; take the filling out and place it on a side. You are not going to use it for the recipe, you are going to eat them and make a realization why your life is complete.
  2. Then put the Oreo's inside a plastic bag and smash them like the Hulk.
  3. Pour the sweet condensed milk in a bowl.
  4. Scoop the Nutella inside the bowl with the condensed milk and blend it together (Any remains lick it, because life is not complete without Nutella!)
  5. Whip the heavy cream; that's it. After Whip Nae-Nae I hate the word whip.
  6. Gently mix a scoop of the whip cream into the condensed milk and light the condensed milk.
  7. Transfer the rest of of the whip cream in to the mix.
  8. Let it freeze for six to twelve hours and enjoy; FYI the best quality will only last five days to a week.
Enjoy y'all and remember vaccines don't cause autism and save lives!

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