Monday, July 4, 2016

Kola Roman with Condensed Milk Popsicles

Popsicles with Condensed Milk
(7/4/2016) --- Hello everyone, I hope everyone is having a nice day so far and I wish everyone a safe Fourth of July and also since summer is here let's all enjoy some nice cold snack, in this case we are making red cola Popsicle with condensed milk.

I used to enjoy a lot these kind of Popsicle's when I was younger back in Cartagena, Colombia and especially during the summer times. There were two sodas I enjoyed a lot, one of of them was the Kola Roman (Anderson, 2011) and the other was Kola Postobon (Kola Postobon Website).

On 2008, I moved to the United States; it took me a few years to start seeing some of the products I enjoyed a lot without me traveling to Miami or at least ordering them online.

The idea of these Popsicle's is to use as less ingredients as possible. With this one I made I only used Kola Roman and condensed milk. You don't need anything else to do this; the trick goes to measure how much you need, in my case the containers that I have are rather quite small, so what I do is add a cup of condensed milk and fill the rest of the measuring cup with the soda. Mix them together and then pour them inside the Popsicle containers, but don't fill the Popsicle all way up because the carbonation will make the soda rise up and you will have a mess in your cooler to clean later.

Overall I hope you all enjoy and don't forget to let them froze for at least overnight.


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