Sunday, July 10, 2016

Marketing Research Strategy for Guayaki: Acquisition of New Customers Through Traditional Media with Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate
As a rich and delicious drinks for the hot summer what Yerba Mate and Guayaki, the developer of the brand should consider the costs of expanding their marketing outreach of the brand beyond the use of social media, even if it has to create an additional cost in order to maximize the presence of the brand and products in the State of Florida.
The best approach is to re-think the grocery and convenience stores as Sweet Bay being the main center of distribution has ceased operations in Florida, leaving retailers as Publix or Target, even Walmart as focal points to execute business and think how much it can be invested on inventory. Tagging health stores such as Whole Foods or “natural” stores is limiting the selection of the outreach, and expand on how the product can be sell to new customers (Guayaki – Store Locator)
Redefining the product as a “health alternative” to tea or other caffeinated drinks could limit the customer who don’t enjoy “healthy” alternatives but also to attract customers from Hispanic heritage that enjoy what is Yerba Mate as a product; because we as a company we need to understand the cultural aspect of Mate, is not a healthy drink as is being promoted but is used as a refresher but as well as a drink that can be enjoyed at certain times.
Understanding the key demographics that can be exploited and position the brand not as a luxury item but as a good that is linked to the history of Latin America and Brazil, it can open the world to people who enjoy trying products that are outside their ordinary as well appeal to the Hispanics community; when we as a company understand that then we can start developing research strategies in order to execute a marketing campaign and which media can be used.
Traditional media can play an important role, the reason is using only digital media and viral campaigns will limit the viewers if there is no a proper use of the understanding of the protocols such as Twitter Business, Facebook Ads or Google Ad-words (applied to both Blogger and Youtube). Talking on a regional level the best approach is in a traditional marketing approach, samplings could be the best way to grab information and knowing what changes can be made to improve the flavor (Clown, 334) and it can be mixed towards the use of social by letting the customers know we response in the least time as possible.
The reason of using sampling is to make the customers getting used to the flavor and also it can serve to gather criteria in order to find out what approach to take. The company has been using digital media as the way to reach consumers; but on an anecdotal level speaking, I didn’t know about this drink until it got my attention with the logo and it wasn’t even located on a proper spot on the shelve, it was almost on the bottom and I was curious when I saw it.
The best approach to take is to invest into television advertisement, as people still use television as the media to gather information about newer products or products they hadn’t seen. Creating a 30 second advertisement where the potential customers can be directed to the company website and showing them the benefits of the products, could a considerable approach; also showing them the ethos of the company and the preservation Guayaki takes could bring potential new ones.
Towards the use of digital media and a digital marketing approach; as it was mentioned that the exploitation of the business model could bring significant revenue as the hashtags would be promoted but it will involve investing more money within the campaigns.


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